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Leafsong, again!

The finished sketch! Again, awesome picture is by SATTERLY.


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More art!

This is a rough sketch of a new commission I’ve made! Done by the v. skilled SATTERLY of MG, check out his page on the MG Wiki –>

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More Art!

Beurghes did this amazing picture of Leafsong!!! Isn’t it stunning?! I wish I had skills ._. Anyway, so yeah, she’s awesome ❤

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Babies coloured!

This is the coloured version of my recent commission of Analith and Mirae, by Murgha! Done in Photoshop, thanks to Aphel for the tutorial! =)

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Analith and Mirae

Amazing art by Murgha =)

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New commission!

pic almost fin 2

My new commissioned pic is almost finished =D ❤ Murgha!

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More awesome art!

leaf aphel thoridal threesome v2 PNG

Hawt Aphel/Leafsong/Thori’dal threesome action!

As always, lineart by the awesome talented Murgha =)

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