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Leafsong’s thoughts on…..GNOMES!

1. Half of them are not content with being just gnomes, with the bodies that Nature gave them. They have to be half robots, or part demon.

2. They have horrible squeaky little voices, like a rodent.

3. They are too small. How do they cope with being two foot tall? Don’t they worry about being chased by dogs or small children? It is a mystery.

4. They have no way to heal themselves other than inadequate bandaging. Proof that they are not meant to survive!!

5. The male gnomes think that they are Elune’s gift to females of every race. How many times have I seen some smug gnome riding around with a simpering human or Kaldorei female clinging to their back. Why???

6. The female gnome population , almost without exception, consists of little girls or mentally challenged airheads. Where are the mature and knowledgable females? Oh yes, they’ve all taken a good look at their male counterpart and killed themselves in despair. HA!


1. They are so tiny, that even someone as incompetant as myself has a chance of beating one in a fight.

2. Um…

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Leafsong’s thoughts on…Elune

Leafsong’s thoughts on: Elune

Mother Moon, The True Goddess, Mu’sha, The Night Warrior, The White Lady. Elune.

Our Lady has many different names, which is unsurprising for a deity who has been worshipped for over ten thousand years. There must have been scores of works written on her, discussing her nature, philosophising on her purpose, worshipping her, and praising her. My teacher has written many thousands of pages himself, I’ve seen them (but not read them, are you mad? I can’t afford to spend a millennium reading a book!). But I think that most of the opinions that I’ve read have been those of society’s elite. The priests and priestesses, the elders, the scholars and the philosophers, have all written reams of material on our beloved Lady Moon. I’ve never seen anything written by a commoner, someone like me.

The truth is, I have no connection with Elune. I don’t think anyone in my family has ever had a profound spiritual experience! It makes me feel left out, sometimes, when my teacher enthuses about his vast and extensive spiritual connection with Our Lady. My mother took us to the small shrine in Nighthaven once; while she knelt, my brothers and I moved through the praying crowd and stole from the bowed-head worshippers. Perhaps She saw, and was cross, and decided to deprive all Gladefalls from divine fulfillment.

I don’t understand the nature of Elune. I don’t know whether she is the kind mother who loves unconditionally, as the priests lecture; or if she is the vengeful harbinger of purgation that my teacher enthuses about. If she is a benevolent guardian, then why didn’t she visit our family when we had nothing? Surely it is cruel to bestow great spiritual gifts on the elite of society, who are already so blessed; and ignore those who live in squalor and misery? My Shan’do shouted at me once, in anger, that she did not grace us with her presence because we did not believe. But, why should one have faith in a deity that gives no comfort in times of crisis? Why didn’t she come to comfort me in the long nights where I could not sleep because I had not eaten for three days? I felt nothing then, just an aching hollowness in my belly and in my heart.

It would be easier to believe in a loving goddess, if her devotees did not display such hypocrisy! Every day, I see priests consorting with human females; priestesses kneeling at the Cathedral altar; religious elders of all genres of society behaving in the most scandalous manner. It seems that just being in Stormwind, the city of humans, has given them license to act most perversely. Even my own teacher can be hypocritical, sometimes, though Elune knows how I love him.

I know he is disappointed that my prayers are flimsy, throw-away wishes and shallow desires. I wonder if maybe I should pretend devotion- but surely, that is sinful?

I don’t know, but it doesn’t bother me too much. My family has become successful, without the help or comfort of an ambivalent goddess. These priests disgust me with their licentious behaviour- we Gladefalls may be crooks, but we are honest crooks!

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