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((More Kara fun))

Last week’s attempt at Kara ended at the Opera event, where we got Rom + Jules and failed utterly at interrupts. This is approximately the conversation we had while waiting for Barnes the stage manager to raise the curtain this week.

Leafsong: Right, I’m hoping that it’s going to be Wiz of Oz. Because if it’s Rom + Jules again, we are screwed. And if it is Red Riding Hood, we are screwed also.

Aphel: W/E.

Leafsong: …Because I have never survived being chased by that damn wolf. Never. He killed me every time at 70. EVERY. TIME.

(Ten seconds later)

Barnes:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this evening’s (blah blah blah) TAKE FOR INSTANCE THIS ELDERLY OLD WOMAN WAITING FOR A VISIT FROM HER GRANDDAUGHTER


*encounter begins*

Leafsong: /HoT /HoT — AGH WTF *is transformed into tiny red gnome* NOOAAAAAA

*repeat 4x throughout encounter*

In summary:
Leafsong: 4 times
Aphel: O times

There was a total period of about 20 seconds total the entire fight where I was not running madly around the stage, screeching and cursing. Luckily casting HoTs on myself + the fact that he only hit for about 3k or so when he did smack me, meant that it was not insta-death. Still. BAH.

Aran was hilariously easy, even though Aphel’s crab kept failing to keep still on Flame Wreath (only did about 3-4k damage). Chess was frustrating! It’s all about luck as much as anything. We managed to do it on our third encounter, with me riding Llane’s ass and Aphel hopping in and out of the conjurer/healing dude as needed. It was slightly helped by the fact that for the last thirty seconds, Chief Blackhand (the Horde king) decided to turn his back on me and do absolutely nothing.

Netherspite – wiiiiiipe. Couldn’t work out wtf the beams/portals did.

Malchazar – two wipes, the first being because both of us are hardly what you call BC raiding vets, and we didn’t realise that it probably wasn’t a good idea to be in melee range of Malch after his Enfeeble (drops you to 1 health). Second wipe was due to Aphel’s moron crab, the LESS SPOKEN ABOUT THAT THE BETTER.

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Hmm so I was wondering the other day who would play Aphel and Leafsong in an IRL film (I was bored of studying, alright!?) I asked Aphel, and he was like Jeremy Irons. I – shamefully, for a native Brit – didn’t know who he was, so had to GI him:

I can definitely see Aphel as that guy. That guy is actually super hot, IMO. Though I might be somewhat biased as I have been told I have “weird” tastes in hot men. I thought the geek scientist dad in Honey I Shrunk The Kids was hot. HE IS HOT!!!

Leafsong was really hard actually, because she isn’t really based off anyone. And there aren’t many not-hot 20-ish actresses on Google. No, she does not look like Emma Watson. No, she does not look like Scarlett Johansson (ha!) No, she DEFINITELY does not look like Kristen Stewart (kill me!) There aren’t that many scowly, wide-eyed, long-nose, solemn faced actresses in Hollywood nowadays, I suppose. Actually, that description sounds really like a horse. Or a ….



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Cataclysm druid changes


I suppose having an interrupt is nice, but I only go cat/bear for my levelling spec. Shroomkin is going to be hilarious though. I bet they will look like those hideous mushrooms that grow around the first Underbog boss, though. WTB some cute, dancing, Fantasia-style mushroom companions. Omg, YES. PLEASE!

I like the thought of a growth of healing flora beneath the feet of those you crit with Rejuvie, though. And no, random person on WoWinsider, this does not make druids “more gay”. I think you mistook “more gay” for AWESOME.

No more spells? NO! I’m sad! I don’t think that we have enough spells at all. Look at priests, and how many spells their have in their repertoire. And what is this about lifebloom stacks being able to tank heal? Seriously, they are bringing that back? IMO, they should have revamped Healing Touch (which noone uses apart from right after Nature’s Swiftness), to make it a legit big heal spell.

And tree form on a Metamorphosis type cooldown….arhrhhmmm, I’m in two minds about this. Actually, three minds!

PVE: NO! NOO! I love being a tree and hopping around instances. I might as well be a damn priest if I have to stare at Leafsong’s caster ass.

PVP: Eehh! Most of the time I stay in caster form anyway, as being a tree in WSG seems to attract the attention of half the zone.

RP: Hrrmmm. If Leafsong gets to run around healing as a caster, I guess that could be a little less lorebreaking than her running around as a OMGTREE (especially since she can’t even shift yet). But what about the people who RP in tree form the majority of the time?

Anyway I can’t afford to spend any more time than this thinking about it! It’s silly to get so het up, it’s early days yet and I’m sure a lot of things will get altered before the expansion comes out, whenever that may be!

Back to studying. Three chapters of fun coming up! Let’s see…

CH10: Goal-congruent Emotions
CH11: Curiosity and Creativity
CH12: Competence and the Need for Control…

AND THEN! Eight health care ethics essays to read over. Who wants to talk about euthanasia?! What a fun way to spend a sunny Saturday =)

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(( Testing the waters with a hypothetical RP situation on MSN! ))

(( So I brought up a possible RP scenario to Aphel on MSN today! Based on the idea that Aphel spent some time up with the Wildhammer dwarves seven or eight years ago before present-time! While he was there, he wasn’t exactly chaste…))

Ro says:
*I have the best idea

JL J – says:

Ro says:
*There is a knock on the door of the GHE one day….Aphel answers it…..behind the door is a MONSTROSITY…..a thing with a stumpy, squat torso and long arms and legs, with a bulbous nose and bushy beard…with skin colour a pale bluish colour …. it squeaks to Aphel in a NE voice with a Dwarven accent …… “HELLO……FATHER”

JL J – says:

Ro says:

JL J – says:

Ro says:
*Can you imagine???
*What would Aphel do???!!

JL J – says:
*Shit himself

Ro says:

JL J – says:

Ro says:
*What would he do then?

JL J – says:

Ro says:
*I think it would be cute
*He could call it Greizzit

JL J – says:
*N O

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Making a machinima….

….And it’s going to suck big ones. HA!!! I’ve never made one before and the most sophisticated tools I have at my disposal are Windows Movie Maker and MS Paint. Ahahahahaahaha!

Edit: Well here it is! LOL.

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<Cenarion Delivery Girl> downed Kiljaeden last night! Yeaaah! All two of us!…with a little help from a raid led (excellently) by Aphel’s friend, Lajuros. It was pretty awesome, even if it did take us seven hours…hehehe. Hardly any of us had been in there before, so it was pretty much trial and error so far as the bosses went. We wiped once on each boss up till M’uru, wiped twice on him, then wiped four times on Kiljaeden; finally killing him the fifth try, with three people left standing! The last boss fight was great though because it was a real example of how a group of people can collectively go through a learning experience in order to achieve something. It was like so:

Attempt One:

Attempt Two:
Raid: YEAAHH! YEAHHH, THIS IS AWESOME! OMG KILJAEDEN!!!!! …..Omg, so we all got killed by adds. So I guess there’s adds!

Attempt Three:

Raid: Alright, serious time now. YEAHHH, KILJADEN! Okay, going well, going well…quick, get to the dragon, get to the dragon- oh shit, we all stacked up and spread fire to each other and roasted alive. So let’s not stack this time!

Attempt Four:
Raid: Woo! Yeah! He’s at 25%! Okay, he’s gonna cast his insta-kill ability, run to the dragon, bubble….bubble…bubble….(bubble goes down) OBLITERATE!!!! /wipe. So now we learn not to put the bubble down too early.

Attempt Five:


It was so awesome, except I think I went temporarily deaf with the people screeching like banshees in vent. It was great to be able to experience some end-game content (even an expac too late!), especially since neither Aphel or myself are in a raiding guild, so we don’t get to raid anything much! It was a super fun (if looong) instance, and completely gorgeous.

And, in addition, Aphel got the Legendary bow drop! How cool is that? PRETTY DAMN COOL. =P

Gotta run to class now but I’ll post screenies later =)

Edit: pics!

Killing Kiljaeden with three people left alive!


The endgame event with the Sunwell, where I thought my video card had exploded and gone to white-screen heaven (it even had Prophet Velen! =P)


Aphel and his new bow! Wow, that’s not a good angle for Leaf, she looks like a rodent.


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Absence (again! *guilt*)

So there won’t be any updates until next Saturday! (8th August). My mum is on this huge geneology kick, and she’s discovered the exact obscure little Egyptian village where her mother is from. Egypt in August!!! The heat is going to be even worse than Morocco in June ._. My sis and brothers have managed to get out of it (due to children/work/etc), but slacker student me has no excuse, so it’s going to be me, my parents, and my niece’s Tamagotchi (which I have stupidly agreed to babysit)!! Four days boiling like a lobster in Egypt; then I am flying seperately to Corfu (Greece), meeting a couple of my girlfriends,then taking a ferry to Ithaca to check out this teeny holiday property that my parents gave me for my nineteenth birthday (since I have ALWAYS absolutely adored Greece). It’ll probably be right dodgy- it is called SHINGLES– a bad omen, I think!! Who wants a villa named after an STD?!! Oh well, even if the place is so gross we have to spend all day on the beach, that’s fine by me =)

NATURALLY, WITH MY FACTOR 90 SUNCREAM AND GIGANTIC THREE-MILE RADIUS BEACH HAT ON! Although I am mixed-race, my skin is typico Brit fish-belly white and I have gorge (not) carroty hair, so I burn like a piece of toast jammed in the toaster.

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