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Leafsong Shalah’aman was not given to idle hairdresser chat. Her clients, whether they be at the gnomish salon or a home customer, were both disconcerted and comforted by the fact that the green-haired Kaldorei hovering behind them made no attempt at conversation. Whenever they tried to engage her in polite banter, catching her odd pale gaze in the mirror propped in front of them, they were met either by an uncomprehending stare or by a noncommittal grunt. Although her bluntness had lost her a customer or too, it had also gained her a small but loyal core of customers who either preferred to maintain silence themselves; or were happy to talk at her rather than to her.

Leafsong didn’t mind her new job. After the income of their growing household had dwindled, the majority of their savings combined with the destruction of the GHE:SW contributed to her desire to find a new source of profit. She had begun work at the gnomish salon part-time as a sweeper, a position that paid only twenty silver per hour; it was monotonous but she could take the babies with her and keep an eye on them. After several weeks, she had been promoted to (very) junior hairdresser. Her years of snipping herbs carefully at the root, of crushing and mixing various alchemical concoctions had meant that she quickly learnt the art of cutting hair and mixing dye. Now she worked for three hours in the morning at the salon, and took customers at home from two until four in the afternoon.

While she snipped fringes and arranged elaborate curls, she used to think about her life and how she could further improve it. Not for her own sake, but for her family. Analith, coming up on three years old, was proving to be a bright and perceptive child. If only he could spend more time with books and learning and less time terrorising his younger siblings, Leafsong mused grimly, he would be a veritable genius. Mirae had just turned two and was still displaying little sign of cognitive development. Her vocabulary had expanded to just about thirty words, mostly about herself, but she still had trouble solving the simple toy puzzles that Analith had been solving since he was nine months old. Despite her arrested development, Mirae had the perfect, even features of a little doll, her milk-white curls and deep pewter eyes even drawing compliments from other races. Flora and Loredar, both nearly a year old, were coming on well. The loud-mouthed, attention-demanding Flora was still dominating her quieter brother, who had the calmest and sweetest temperament of them all.

And last but not least was her dear mate, who had taken up walking with a cane to alleviate the persistent pain in the old knee injury; who had been summoned and then summarily abandoned by various military outfits in the past few months, desk-generals who had heard of Ashamal Shalah’aman’s legacy but found him too old and ornery to control. She and he were still content with one another, the initial passion of lust fading to a more comfortable companionship; wild nights turned to slumbering embraces.

She wished that they had more money, she wished that she was not so far from her family and she wished that it would stop being quite so hot. But overall, she was happy with her lot. It was a good lot, and more than most people had.

((sorry for such a long gap between posts – I’ve been busy this past month with travelling, work, and final Masters’ dissertation! This is more of a catch up post than anything ))

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