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Leafsong stared without blinking at the sight before her eyes. Analith had somehow managed to defy all bounds of reason and get himself trapped inside one of Farmer Wollerton’s prize pumpkins. He sat there, cackling, his plump arms and legs sticking out of the hollowed out, sticky mass. Leafsong had realised too late that this was one of those ideas that she would come to severely regret later.

Glancing over her shoulder nervously, she tugged at Analith’s small arm.

“Come on Ani. Playtime over.”

“NooooOooo min’daa!” he roared, twisting his head away from her. “More play.”

She bared her teeth and growled at him. He snarled back. The stubborn amber glare was identical to his father’s. She moaned, recognising impending defeat.

“Losing a battle of wills to a two year old?” commented a voice acerbically from behind her. Leafsong jumped slightly, turning to see Elurina with the twins in her arms, Mirae clinging to her knee. As usual, the glamorous older Kaldorei trailed several admirers at a distance – two humans this week and, unusually, a Draenei.

Leafsong raised her eyebrow, reaching out to cuddle Mirae as the little girl toddled shakily to her mother’s side.

“A Draenei, grenmaw?”

Elurina shrugged elegantly, stooping to place both squirming twins on the blanket beside Leafsong.

“I know, odd fellow. I think he’s attracted to these more than anything – Draenei are always covetous of shiny objects.”

She tucked a strand of gleaming hair behind her ear to show off a single brilliant Highbourne earring, a waterfall of crystal and green glass beads. Leafsong looked at it, enviously. Elurina rolled her eyes.

“You know, young one, the contents of the ancestral chest are as much yours as mine. It’s not my fault that you don’t choose to wear them.”

Leafsong looked over at her beautiful grandmother, who was wearing iridescent yellow -pink robes with floating layers of gauze, adorned with tiny glass beads. She sighed inwardly, smoothing down the frayed hem of her plain cotton tunic.

“I dunno, grenmaw. Somehow I fink they’d look silly on me.”

Elurina raised an eyebrow. “If you will.” She sharpened her tone. “Analith Shalah’aman. OUT!”

Analith meekly extracted himself from the pumpkin and stood before his great-grandmother, head bowed. Leafsong goggled.

“Grenmaw, how-?!”

Elurina shot Leafsong a wicked smile. “I can keep ALL the Shalah’aman men in line.”


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