Winter’s Veil gifts received: six.
Winter’s Veil weight put on: sixteen pounds. Or the equivalent of two and a half bags of flour. Oh dear!

I think that I may start up my exercise regime again. I used to host a very popular aerobic routine class on the Cathedral steps. One time, a whole unit of guards joined in! I’ve never seen them so out of breath!

(Note from A.S: They did not join in; they were trying to arrest you for loitering and being a nuisance.)

Bah! I hate it when my lifemate steals my quill and vandalises my MEMOIRS. He’s such an oppressor. In the future, the value of this text will be severely damaged through his inane scribblings.

Anyway, as I was saying, I am thinking about starting up an exercise regime once more. There is a very convenient lake a few minutes walk away across the field; I may take this opportunity to improve my swimming. I will also practice vaulting over the Wollerton boundary fences.

It is ridiculous that my mate, a man of venerable years, is more athletic than me. He is lean, but muscled. I have about as much muscle on me as a scrawny pullet-hen. I need to increase my body mass. I want to be like those Sentinel warriors, with biceps the size of their heads!

Actually, maybe not. The size of a grapefruit would suffice


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    Aphel said,

    I’m glad Leafsong is putting on weight. Aphel only rarely peeks into her journal these days. ❤

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