Leafsong’s Diary 1.1

Most of the time – in fact, I’d go so far as to say ninety percent of the time – my mate and I appear to be the two most contrasting people in the world. We have little in common; our ages are different, our appearances, our mannerisms and attitudes, our opinions and our habits are all dissimilar. We have our children in common, but that seems to be it.

But sometimes, there are times when we are exactly alike in our thoughts, so synchronised that it’s as if we shared a mind. Last night, the ending of the year was celebrated with festivities and carousing throughout the Alliance cities. There were fireworks and free-flowing alcohol, inhibitions were discarded (as well as prudence and clothing) and the streets of Stormwind rang out with joyous voices, late into the night.

My mate and I locked up the front door, slid across the top and bottom bolt, closed the curtains to block out the fireworks; and spent the evening in front of the fire with our children. My pa always used to call me a sulky, grumpy, joyless wench – and I’m still a grumpy joyless wench, but my mate is just as grumpy and joyless as me. Neither of us have any urge to spend the night on the streets of Stormwind, drinking and acting the giddy goat. We sat in front of the fire and played with the babies, who are a greater joy to me than any advent of a new year.


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    Aphel said,

    Such a nice post. Great way to start a new year, babe ❤

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