Winter’s Veil (pt 1)

She hung the wreath over the fireplace carefully, adjusting the angle until she was satisfied. The ivy-bedecked hoop, studded with opalescent Darnassian blooms, glowed pleasingly in the candlelight and she smiled, stepping down from the hastily-dragged chair.

“Min’da” said Analith, from his position by the fireside. “Min’da, what is?” He elevated a small finge towards the wreath; too young to remember the previous year’s Winter’s Veil. Leafsong knelt on the rug beside him, cupping the back of his small head with her hand and kissing him on the cheek.

“It’s a – wread.” she said after a moment, pronouncing the Common word with hesitance. Across the room, Ashamal looked up from the parchment he was perusing.


“WREATH” Leafsong repeated, untangling Flora’s legs from the skeins of ribbon which Mirae had wrapped around her. Mirae let out a distinctly un-Mirae-ish cackle, then looked surprised at her own loudness. The little girl, now eighteen months old, was beginning to outgrow her chubby babyishness, her limbs elongating and her chubby cheeks refining themselves; developing a beauty that neither of her parents possessed. The odd Highbourne features that hinted themselves on the mother’s face were far more pronounced on the daughter, something which Ashamal was beginning to recognise in the girl’s high-browed, solemn expression. The question of Leafsong’s ancestry was something that had gone unspoken between them, due to Ashamal’s violent antipathy towards his most ancient enemies.

Loredar, on Ashamal’s lap, was repeatedly batting the parchment away from Aphel’s hands. Ashamal made a vain attempt to continue reading, then sighed and folded the missive away. “Loredar, my son. Stop fidgeting.” Loredar ignored him, reaching out to grab a hunk of groomed, greying navy hair in his chubby fist. The clock above the fireplace began to chime the ninth hour and Leafsong clambered to her feet. Analith looked up at her with an expression of dread.



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    Aphel said,

    Heheheh. I was thinking she was going to say “Reef”. Winter’s Veil sounds chaotic at their house!

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