Leafsong’s Diary 5.11

My mate insists that I resume my diary-writing practice of an evening, as he claims that my literacy has “decreased substantially” since I stopped. I dunno how he can judge such a thing, though, since my literacy has always left much to be desired. I don’t know how far you can decrease from ‘absolute crap’, anyway. But, seeing as he is standing over me with a glower at this exact moment, guiding my hand – I can’t exactly protest. He even put the babies to bed so that I would have this hour free to write.

So, what to write? We have gradually settled back down into our old routine, before the horror of the Sunguard incident. My husband is still recovering from his injuries, he was hurt far worse than I, but has received the best care and attention. I am happy to say that I took good care of him during his convalescence. I was unselfish and looked after his needs before my own; it is only right, he is far older than I. His dire injuries don’t seem to have dented his confidence, the opposite in fact – he seems even more impassioned and determined than ever. His recovery hasn’t come soon enough, what with these repulsive little “cultists” blabbering their inexplicable nonsense everywhere. Literally, it’s nonsense to me, my knowledge of Common doesn’t include doomsayer vocabulary. For which I’m grateful. They seem to have the rest of Stormwind in a frenzy though.

My children are all well. Analith is progressing well with his speaking, though it’s rather disconcerting to hear the beginnings of sentences from his babyish lips. It seems like only a few days ago that he was nursing. Now he is demanding food with high, imperious, confident commands: “Anliff food, food me!” He’s so like his father. Though I don’t think I’ve ever heard my husband yell FEED ME, FEED ME. Mirae is slowly growing in confidence, I’ve been taking her out for strolls around the Park and she’s actually opening her eyes to look at her surroundings now, rather than just curling up in a ball and whimpering. The twins are – well, they’re just coming up to five months old, and they’re plump and happy. They’ve also begun to sleep through the night, which makes me happier than you would BELIEVE.

In business news, I’ve lost track of my best underground contact. It is very annoying, he has been working for the GHE and my father for close on five years now; and has brought in a healthy proportion of business. That’s the trouble with these off-the-books fellows, the ones who deal under the table and operate outside the usual business channels. They go missing, all the time.

Still, it’s rather tedious to recruit new ones. I’m a mother now, I can’t be hanging around in taverns and alleyways like I used to. I might ask a few of my old contacts, see if anyone knows what happened to the man.


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    Aphel said,

    Great post, babes. I laughed at the feed me part.

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