Leafsong’s Diary 21.10

Leafsong’s Diary 21.10


Oddly enough, the babies seem to have become more accustomed to the earthquakes than I have, now. In a way that’s comforting, because it suggests that they still feel safe in the presence of me and my husband, despite the fact that the earth is rocking beneath them. It doesn’t comfort me, particularly, since I don’t even feel safe in my own presence. So far, I’ve fallen into the canal (twice) and had a building partially collapse on my head.


Not even the solid companionship of my mate is reassuring, though I do appreciate how he shields me with his own body during the tremors. It’s very kind of him. The GHE’s reinforced structure seems to be holding up well, we’ve only had a few accidents with spilt vials and smashed glasses. The cupboards are study and have a good seal on them. Shyla has given the job of mixing the more concentrated GHE alchemical concoctions over to me, the utter wimp. Just because she accidentally spilt some SHE Liver Tonic on herself and it gave her a slight burn. I’ll have to pick up some more of those industrial strength gloves from the engineering market.


One good thing – perhaps the only good thing – about this horrid quake, is that business has gone through the roof. I’m not sure how effective these GHE anti-dizziness drinks actually are (since it’s just a mixture of Tranquilitea and migraine tablet), but perhaps it’s psychological. They were queueing from half past five in the morning yesterday, and Shyla had to open a half hour early. The bad thing about sleeping in a shelter beneath the stairs is that, well! you’re practically sleeping on the shop front itself. We were all woken by shuffling feet, low muttering and the jangle of coins in pockets – usually the sweetest sound in the world to me, was most unwelcome at such an hour. Especially since the babies (who would usually sleep uninterrupted until ten) are then woken, and insist on constant attention. Analith is getting rather bored of the cramped sleeping conditions beneath the stairs, he keeps demanding to go upstairs. I’ve not let them be taken upstairs ever since I fell from the balcony in the grocery store.


Ah, but there’s nothing else that we can do! Even Darnassus has begun to feel distant rumblings. Nowhere is safe, except Outland – horrible thought! Didn’t the sundering of that planet begin with the quaking and trembling of the earth? What if Azeroth is tearing itself apart? Where would we go? I may have only lived on this world for less than two centuries, but it’s precious to me. I don’t want to travel to other worlds to live, I’m no Draenei! I must talk to my husband about my worries.


The following part was added later, in a scrawl


I read over my entry for today and decided that it sounded far too depressing, so I’ve copied out the lyrics to Florian’s new lullaby. All the girls in Darnassus are humming it. He’s performing at the Blue Recluse tavern next week – must find way to persuade mate to come!! He can’t miss the chance to see Florian in person!


Under a Milky Moon (written and performed by FLORIAN, Kaldorei singing sensation)


Lunar lunar lunar

Your love turns me into a

Fool (ah!) fool (ah!) fool (ah!)


Milky moooooon.

White like my face

When you spit on me


Milky moooooon

Why can’t you see

You’re the one for me


Milky moooooooon

I want to howl and rip you apart

With my ray of light









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