Leafsong’s Diary 12.10

What have I done, Elune? Did I do something terrible in a past life? Commit some atrocity? Torture? GENOCIDE? I can’t think why else I am being punished by you. Hasn’t my life been hard enough? Hasn’t it been a trial? Have you give me three years of happiness as some cruel torture, to make it hurt all the more when you take it away?

If my mate reads this, he would say that I was being melodramatic. He’d say, ah- typical adolescent angst from my silly young wife. There’s nothing to worry about, just some- natural phenomena.

But I don’t see how he can be so calm, so composed; when the walls of Stormwind are literally crumbling around us! This terrible shuddering known as an “earthquake”, which has come to torment us so recently. Over and over, several times a week. It’s almost worst than the Scourge. No, it’s definitely worse than the Scourge. At least with the Scourge, there was some warning. There was an enemy to take up arms against. With this faceless earthquake foe, there is no time to prepare your defences. It strikes suddenly, without warning, for twenty terrifying seconds you are utterly at its mercy, noble and beggar alike, life hanging by a thread. You can’t fight it, you can’t ever hope to defeat it. You can only hope that you’ll still be alive when it’s over.

Why is this happening now? Now, with Analith toddling off out of sight to hide every few minutes, and the twins still so tiny and vulnerable. Flora has a cold. When the earthquake hits and we’re at home, I don’t have time to grab up the twins and Mirae and dig out Analith from wherever he’s burrowed. Vials crash down with little explosions of glass, the furniture rocks, my husband’s gun rack topples to the floor. Thank Elune that we have only been outside during one tremor, and noone was badly hurt. Poor Analith got a bump on his head from a falling vial, but luckily it was only from the counter and not from a higher shelf. My husband insisted that we leave instantly for Ironforge, believing that the underground city would offer some protection.

It turned out to be a dreadful mistake, the shocks actually came more frequently in the dwarven capital. They seem to be less intense, but I grew so distressed at the thought of being trapped beneath thousands of tons of rubble, that my mate had to take me and the babies out to Kharanos. It’s ridiculous though, we can’t hole ourselves up in some poky little mountain town. The twins won’t be able to take the cold temperature.

I want to go home to the GHE. Clever cousin Shyla is already replacing the shelves with cupboards, reinforcing the ceilings with girders. She’s already producing labels for a new “Anti-Nausea: Quake-dizziness preventative” tonic. Perhaps it is a good thing that she’s taken over, she seems to be far more business minded than I ever was.

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    Aphel said,

    I love it! The beginning especially was very poetic. Poor Leafsong, and the babies! An’alith running off in fear D=

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