Leafsong’s Diary 08.10

Nothing much has been happening in the house of Gladefall recently. Which is lovely, I adore it when nothing happens. It’s perfect. I wish that nothing would ever happen to us.

Perhaps it should be “house of Shalah’aman”, rather than house of Gladefall? I do believe that since my husband is living in my house, in my business, and he is the only Shalah’aman left alive (whereas the Gladefalls are plentiful as rats. In fact  I believe that metaphor has been used, with regard to us, before. How very offensive!)

My husband is doing well. He seems to be torn between the military and the temple. He always had a a spiritual side to him, but it’s come raging back to the fore with a vengeance recently. I don’t mind. I prefer praying husband to fighting husband, it’s safer to have him on his knees, than in the field.

I wanted to write a little about my mate, just to round off this entry. I’m trying to write four hundred words a day, as practice. Some people, even of our own kind, raise an eyebrow (or two) that I am mated to someone so much older than I. I have not reached two centuries, and my husband is over eleven millenia. It’s true that we argue often, and that differences in opinion due to age quite often lies at the root of a row. He is traditional, and I am – well, my views are my own. And both of us are obstinate.

But age comes hand in hand with wisdom, and he does know the answers to ever so many questions. There is rarely a time when I ask a question, that he doesn’t have an answer. Even if he doesn’t know the answer, he can offer a very respectable guess. It’s almost awe-inspiring to be around someone who holds so much in their brain. I know that sounds silly. But it’s hard to explain, when you’ve been so ignorant your whole life – someone who is like a living encyclopaedia is just intoxicating.

I like that he knows what he wants, and isn’t silly and flighty, like a young person. If I was mated to a boy my age, we would drive each other insane. We would change our minds every few months about what we liked and disliked and what we wanted to do or where we were to live. My husband, being old and set in his ways, keeps me constant and fixed.

The thing that I appreciate most of all, though, is how he cares for me. I know that it’s selfish, but it’s so nice to be cared about, to be looked after. I’m not used to to, I never was as a child. I never got to be a child, really. I was working as soon as I could sit upright and hold out my hands. My husband is older than me, and he looks after me. Though I wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, it makes me happy. I am contented.

(The below has been added in an excited, loopy scrawl)



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    Aphel said,

    Ending was the best 😉

    But in all seriousness, great post ❤

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