Leafsong’s Diary 24.9

I had the worst dream last night. It was terrible, terrible; and worst of all, my lifemate laughed at me when I told him about it! It was so outrageous, I was forced to brutally attack him with a cushion until he fled to the sofa.

I dreamt that baby Analith had some druidic talent (inherited from whom, I wonder? My husband gave up on druidic lessons about ten thousand years ago, and I got expelled from my classes), and he impressed us all with his transformation into a grizzly bear. But then, he couldn’t manage to transform back into his Kaldorei form, and then he was overtaken by feral impulses and ate his little sister, Mirae! I woke up covered in sweat, my heart pounding, feeling sick to my stomach. I can’t imagine anything worse than your own children fighting among themselves. Oh! What if they turn against my mate and me in the future? They could be filled with rage at being brought up in Stormwind, rather than surrounded by Kaldorei!

Perhaps I should look into therapy. It’s never too earlier to begin the manipulation of their minds. I definitely know that I don’t want them to know about their mother’s less-than-salubrious upbringing. Or their father’s disgrace and exile. Hmm. Maybe I should start making a list.

In other news, I still haven’t told him about Ban and Lolli’s impending visit. I know that I’ve been putting it off, but the last time I told him that they were visiting; he put his hands around my neck and growled, before storming off. I don’t think he’d actually strangle me, but he hates my brothers with a passion normally reserved for the denizens of the Burning Legion. Why? Why?? He hates his family, and wishes that I’d stop being influenced by mine so much. He resents the influence that my father has over my life, and the GHE:SW. Just because he despises every member of his family!

Anyway, I can’t worry too much about him. I’ve got about six billion stock forms to fill in before he gets back with the babies from their afternoon stroll.

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    Aphel said,


    Poor Leafsong, though. Aphel wouldn’t have laughed, though. He would have tried to comfort her. He cares when she’s upset about something.

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