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Leafsong’s Diary 15.9

Ahh, just when life is neatly sorted and arranged; something comes along to throw it into temporary chaos and disorder! However, as the mother of small children, I am MORE than aware that nothing is immune from being thoroughly messed up.

I was bathing the children downstairs one perfectly normal afternoon, keeping an eye on a simmering cauldron of GHE Tranquilitea; when my husband bursts in through the front door, wild-eyed and bloodied. Apparantly, after the success of the Horde-Alliance movement against the Lich King, our coalition had begun peace talks with the wretched orcs. However, one of the conditions that the green beasts had insisted on was the handover of the Alliance lieutenant who had brought them so much grief over the past few months. To be clearer: they wanted my husband’s head, in a burlap sack.

This unhappy news prompted a flight to Darnassus, babies, bathwater and all. It was horrifying. After a few days exile, and much negotiation with the councils of Darnassus and Stormwind; my husband was allowed back into the human city, in the capacity of a private citizen.

I don’t quite know how to feel about this yet. Elune knows that I wasn’t happy about my mate, the father of my babies, throwing himself into the thick of battle with those savages. I’ve probably nagged and whined at him more these past six months, than during the whole of our- ah, two and a half year relationship. Yes, I do like it that he is at home, with me. I like that he can help me with Analith and Mirae at breakfast, while I’m busy with the little twins. I like to come back from GHE business to see him kneeling with Analith, teaching him how to pronounce “eyebrow.” When I think back to how he was when Analith was born, I almost want to laugh. An eleven thousand year old grizzled war veteran with a look of mingled terror and disbelief, clutching a tiny, screaming red thing. He was almost too scared to touch the infant, eyeing it warily, as if it were an unexploded grenade.

And now, three more later- he’s almost better with them than I. He was the one to look after the twins in their first hour of life, feeding and holding them while I lay sprawled on the grass, too exhausted to raise my head.

How DARE those bastards at the military council condemn my husband for doing what they ordered him to do? Ingrates! After all he has given them, the new scars he has suffered, the time, the sweat, the MONEY….! How dare they attack an old man, my poor husband, to please those green skinned savages! What kind of lifemate would I be if I didn’t immediately seek revenge? And their crime warrants more than GHE laxatives in their drinking supplies! Thank Elune that my husband is taking the children on a stroll around the Park. It gives me a chance to lie on our bed and think, and brood, and plot. They’ll pay, I swear it!

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