((Writing a story!))

I’m in the process of (i.e. barely started) writing a short story based on Aphel and Leafsong’s first IC meeting in Shattrath, which occurred sometime in February 2008. Obviously a lot has happened since then, both IC and OOC, and both of us have developed our characters and their backstories a lot more. Especially Leafsong, who was actually my first character on an RP server – for quite a while, when we first began to RP together, Leafsong was a monstrosity in BLACK MAGEWEAVE (SHAME! SHAAAAAME) who used to speak perfect Common, carry on intellectual conversation, had a perfectly normal upbringing and occasionally used to flip out and headbutt people into the canal in bear form.

Actually that last part was awesome!!!! I do miss being able to kick ass on Leaf nowadays. She has 0/0 combat skill.

But anyway as time went on, I created more of a proper backstory for her – her background of poverty, her lack of education, the family herb business, the terrible Common and her slightly peculiar accent. I also ditched the black mageweave and begun to kit her out in more humble attire. Aphel and I also worked out more of their mutual backstory, i.e. them meeting in Hyjal when he was an exile and she was picking herbs for her father to sell on a blanket.

During that time, the creation of the GHE was funded entirely through the gold Aphel gave to this moody urchin he used to see every few weeks on the mountain trails of Hyjal, who referred to herself as Twiglet – until she disappeared without notice or a word of gratitude. Ten years later, Aphel (reprived from exile and now struggling to salvage his reputation fighting with the Alliance against the Legion on Draenor) bumps into “Twiglet” in Shattrath, older and better-clothed, wearing a tabard embroidered with the words Gladefall Herb Emporium; a successful chain of herbalist stores best known for their lucrative Cenarion Circle contract.

None of the above backstory actually existed when Aphel and Leafsong first met in Feb. 2008, but since it’s a storyline which just involves two characters, we’ve decided to go back and “retcon” their first meeting; or, roleplay it out again, with all the additional characteristics and backstory we’ve added to them over the months (years!). It should be pretty fun, and I’m going to take a billion screenshots in the hope that I can locate the right folder later on (VISTAAAAAA!) and write it up into a proper story.

Edit: for the shame!!!! vvvv


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    Aphel said,

    I thought the mageweave was hot, but I’m just a big perv 😛

    New Leaf is much better.

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