Leafsong’s Diary 3.8

Three years in a row, I’ve caught the summer sickness; and this bout has finally convinced me (just) to go along to the human apothecary and have the dreaded’ vaccination’. My mate is delighted, as he’d been nagging me to take advantage of this Eastern philosophy since we began living in Stormwind, but I always held back – partly because my Kaldorei heritage recoils at artificial enhancement to the body’s natural defenses, and partly because I hate needles.

Aah! Little bits of metal poking into your skin, penetrating to your very BLOOD. Like being stabbed! Exactly like being stabbed! Aah!

But I can’t keep on avoiding it, if not for me, for my babies. This is the third year where my husband has been saddled with the responsibility of looking after increasing numbers of infants, and it’s not fair. He has his military – stuff – to handle, and though he had help from my cousin and my grandmother, it’s still a lot of work. And my mate, though I know he loves his offspring more than anything, he’s not the most infant-aware person. His idea of responding to one of the twin’s plaintive wails is asking them in a terse voice: “What? What?? Stop this nonsense. IMMEDIATELY.” His attempts at reasoning with three month year old babies is rarely successful.

I mean, it’s not because he is a bad father. He is a very good father. If I was an illustrious Shan’do, I’d give him top marks for parenting. I think it’s just the age difference. It’s like an ancient oak trying to relate to a couple of acorns. The tree knows that once, millenia ago, it too was just a seed – but it’s almost inconceivable.  Hence the: “What? What??”

What else has happened this past two weeks? Not much, for me. I’ve been in bed, Shyla has taken over so much of the GHE business that I’ve been push– almost all that I do now is do the occasional stock entry and a delivery or two when I’ve been out. I know that she means (mostly) well, that I can’t do everything that I used to do, since I spend nearly all day with the babies. I am certain that my father relies more heavily on her than on me. It is a bit galling, especially since it was him and ma, me and my brothers who built up the GHE. From nothing! We worked so hard to make it a success. It was me who froze my toes off picking herbs in Hyjal so that my pa would have something to sell.

It was me who got the funding for the first store

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I think that I’m just feeling a little resentful of my husband today. Though his stupid military campaigns have been in existence less than a year, and the GHE has been around for more than a decade; it was me who had to give up that part of my life. There was no question of him becoming a full-time father. And I have to watch as ambitious relatives steal- no, stop complaining, wench.

It’s so weird seeing the babies grow up, it’s like they are actual little people. I mean, I know that they are- but for so long, Analith was just this little fleshy blob who cried and dribbled and made messes. And now he is this little walking thing who is starting to put together sentences (“Bad Mama” was his first one. I’m so proud!!”), and has his own likes and dislikes (food and bedtime respectively). Even Mirae is beginning to come into her own, with a little routine she has to adhere to (otherwise there are tantrums). It’s a little intimidating, actually. I’m glad that Flo and Lo are still young enough to be malleable.

Aahh! AAHH! I’ve become one of those mothers who can’t talk about anything but their children. Nightmare. Nightmare.


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    Aphel said,

    Leafsong is such a sweetie. Aphel will take her for her vacs today!

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