Leafsong’s Diary 7.7

It has been an extraordinarily busy few days, but I still feel guilty for not paying any attention to my poor neglected diary and quill!

Ha! Who am I trying to fool? My diary and I are well aware of the circumstances of our relationship. I do not write in him for pleasure (yes, my diary is a he), I write in him in an attempt to improve my writing and reading comprehension. And I am on the whole less slow than I used to be, when perusing paragraphs, so I suppose that it must be somewhat effective.

Anyway! I have been away for the past few days, at the Steamwheedle Trade Convention in Booty Bay. Usually one of my elder brothers or my father would attend as the representative of the GHE (I am sadly lacking in the gravitas which a business ambassador should possess in abundance); but their schedules would not allow a four day hiatus in the Eastern Kingdoms. I, on the other hand, jumped at the chance to escape the GHE: SW for a few days. (Is that awful? You know I love my family more than anything, but being a mother is so tiring sometimes. My husband is so busy with his military concerns, that sometimes I would pay actual cash-gold to have a conversation with someone that did not go stop hammering your sister with the rattle, Annie. Mummy will smack! Mummy will smack! I remarked in an earlier post that I was feeling slightly stifled and unfulfilled in my new role as full-time carer and “housewife”.

Actually, when I mentioned this to my mate, he suggested that I get myself out of the house by taking a cookery course. I refrained from savagely beating him around the head when he said this, and explained calmly that it was exactly that sort of mundane domesticity which I was trying to escape. Anyway. I think he understood (maybe).

So the Trade Convention was a welcome break! I picked up some good tips from our goblin friends. I sometimes think that I was born in the wrong body – I was made to be a goblin. If they weren’t so devious and prone to embezzlement, I would hire a goblin financial advisor in a heartbeat. I didn’t buy my husband a present, but I did bring him some fascinating leaflets (with titles such as Maximising Your Margins, and Marketing Strategies for a New Azeroth). I fully expect that he will enjoy and appreciate this lovely, thoughtful gift.


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