Noo, rabbit.”

“Rabbit” said the human in the rabbit costume, in a surprisingly deep voice for a rabbit. Mirae stared at the ‘rabbit’ for a moment, then looked up at her mother for reassurance. Leafsong reached down and picked her up, hoisting the baby onto her hip and shrugging apologetically at the costumed man.

“Sorry. I thought perhaps – she learn new word. But no.” Leafsong mumbled in her heavily accented Common, turning away from the rabbit and his proffered flyers for Perrin’s Westfall Vegetables – Carrot Sale This Week! Mirae frowned up at her mother, clutching at the worn neck of Leafsong’s tunic.

Come on Mirae. Next thing on the list.”

Leafsong squinted at the crumpled shopping list, trying to decipher her mate’s erratic handwriting. “Does that say bullets? Ballast? …Bananas?” She snatched the paper from Mirae’s tiny, grasping fingers. “Let’s go for… bananas. Your an’da likes Tel’Abim bananas!”

As she wandered through the Trade District, weaving her way through the street stalls and fellow traders, she could not help noticing the eyes turning her way- the surreptitious peeks over a shoulder, the seemingly casual glances; although, she reasoned with herself, they were not directed at her so much, as they were the child in her arms. It was true that the year old baby shared the same characteristics as Leafsong herself; the fluff atop her head was the same ivory shade, and her eyes grey.

However, the baby’s features lacked the awkwardness of her mother’s; making her face appear almost a refined version of Leafsong’s own. The crooked teeth and long nose had been redressed by small, neat (and perfectly straight) replacements. Leafsong’s own tangled, wavy hair (now only displaying her natural shade at the roots) was the doormat to Mirae’s fine, silken rug. The grey pupils which appeared clouded and often sulky on Leafsong, were transformed into lustrous silver on her daughter. The combination proved effective; and Mirae, at a meagre one year, was already drawing glances.

Leafsong, who was thoroughly used to being passed over even before she began carrying around this attractive accessory, snorted to herself and ducked into a quieter alleyway. Sitting on the edge of an upturned barrel, Mirae on her lap, she pulled out a corn husk from her satchel and handed it to the baby. Mirae grasped it, and began to gnaw on a corner delicately. Leafsong rocked her back and forth while she ate, snickering immaturely.

“I don’t know where you got your good looks from, baby. Sure as anything, I ain’t beautiful. And your an’da weren’t a stunner even when ‘e was young.”

Mirae blinked up at her mother solemnly, clutching the rusk in her sticky fingers. Leafsong blew a kiss down to her, then cackled quietly to herself.

“Perhaps you got the looks, but no brain. That’d explain why you can’t speak yet. Ha!”


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    Aphel said,

    I bet she’ll do decently in school! I mean, she probably won’t be as smart as An’alith, but.

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