Leafsong’s Diary 25.6

Query: Can you get into trouble for trading goods which are then used in illegal activites? Surely not – if so, the blacksmith would be liable for any dagger-wielding highwayman, the arcane reagent dealer responsible for every harmful spellcast. As a Gladefall of the GHE, I am wholly aware that our products (the alchemical ones, rather than the herbal remedies) are often used for nefarious purposes. In fact, our third-largest contract is the Steamwheedle Cartel. However, I generally prefer there to be some distance between my person and the crime being committed. Let me explain further:

I was in the Cathedral yesterday, resting on one of the stone benches beneath a cloister after some ‘light activity’ in the main hall (loot count: three jars of wax from the candles, a vial of perfumed oil, and a small silver candlestick from a side chapel). A human man, who smelt more country than city, sat down beside me with a grunt and closed his eyes. Of course I could not just let him sit there in peace, so I launched into my sales spiel. He halted me halfway through, and asked if I had anything to numb living flesh. I had, as it happens (extract of frozen Wintersbite, mixed with ethanol), and he went on to ask me whether it could be used in syringe format. It was not the first time I had heard this question, so – through habit – I lowered my voice, glanced about to check that noone was in earshot, and assured him that it was wholly suitable for use in syringe format. He seemed pleased at this, and gave me twenty silver for a single pot of the mixture.

My mate came to find me then, sauntering in with the expression of faint derision he reserves especially for places of Light-worship. I rose to accompany him home, as it was time for the twins to feed, when there came the sound of a scuffle in the shadowed corner of the vestry. My husband drew me away quickly (he has been involved in so many altercations at the Cathedral, that he has been warned with banishment if he involves himself in any more), but I was able to see from the corner of my eye that it was that same human man, brandishing a syringe loaded with the distinctive pale blue Wintersbite tonic, in the face of another rapidly slumping male. It was most disconcerting. I couldn’t wait to distance myself after that, and challenged my husband to a footrace through the streets of Stormwind back to the GHE. He won (how? How? He is ancient), but I was so grateful to be away from the scene of the crime, that I neglected to give him the beating he deserved.

(I have realised one thing about myself: that although I am perfectly happy to supply the reagents needed for nefarious activity, being in the presence of the actual activity itself alarms and unnerves me.)

Well, even if the Guard do trace the syringe back to the GHE, I can always claim innocence. I don’t think anyone recognised me at the Cathedral, I have a forgettable face.


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    Aphel said,

    Leafsong has some interesting opinions! Great post, babes.

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