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Leafsong’s Diary 23.6

Analith’s acorn hat is finished! Not by me. When my husband found out that Analith was going to be appearing alongside the spawn of the whorequeens (i.e. the other mothers in the Kaldorei mothers meeting); he set about constructing the perfect acorn hat with the same fervour with which he argues a case in front of Staghelm, or pursues an enemy through the back alleys of Stormwind. The final result was….certainly unique. Analith’s acorn hat is constructed from remnants of a pit lord’s armour; exotic Zangermarsh mushrooms; glowing elements from an Eredar. I am not sure if it will even fit on his head! No, no I’m sure it will fit.

The play, Lunar Love (as it’s now being called), is going to be performed a week from now. Against my will, I have been conscripted to be an extra. I will be a tree, holding an acorn. I am sure it is because noone else wants to hold my fat baby for two hours. I have seven days to come up with a tree costume. My cousin said, unhelpfully, that I should have paid more attention to my druidic study. And that then I would be able to transform myself into the Tree of Life, and have a ready made costume. THANK YOU, SHYLA, FOR YOUR EXCELLENT ADVICE. Hmph.

In other news, my husband’s military activities are all going well (I think). They seem to be winning more battles recently, and have only suffered a few losses. I am very proud of my mate, even if I worry about the risk he is taking. He has been fortunate enough to only have had a few injuries inflicted on his person. I got shot in the ass during one of his recent excursions. I have been sitting out on most of them since that time.

The other babies are all doing well. Mirae has begun to toddle around, and her new mission in life is to clamber onto the chest to see her reflection in the big mirror by the door. It is very annoying; I turn my back for three seconds, tending to twin, and I hear her little fingers scrabbling at the chair. The twins are nearly a month old now, and they are just starting to get over their wrinkled, prune-like stage. We still haven’t bought a crib for them, but they’ve been getting compliments from customers, who admire their bright, beady little eyes and their fluffy heads. In fact, sales have gone up by 15% since I started displaying their crib-box on the counter. They are already a valuable business asset!!!


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