Leafsong’s Diary 15.6

I officially take back every time that I have complained in previous entries about being too busy and harassed, balancing my druidic study with looking after the babies and running  the GHE:SW. It seems that, in one fell swoop, two of those three responsibilities have been stolen lifted from me. My druidic lessons came to an abrupt halt after my Shan’do decided collectively that two years was more than enough time to display any natural aptitude (which I did not); and apparantly the majority of my duties at the shop have been taken over by Shyla, my cousin. I have to do the seed-sorting once a week, occasionally operate the shop front (which isn’t a huge commitment as most of our business comes from catalogue order), and when I’m lucky, I get to do a delivery round. Though, I admit, I don’t miss doing the inventories!!
It seems as if I have been pushed into the “mate and mother” role by everyone around me. I know that my husband is happier when I stay at home, ‘out of harm’s way’. Which is very unfair, because I do not go looking for trouble when I go out. It finds me. Case in point, that overweight Draenei paladin who attempted to brain my fawn for no reason the other night. Shyla smiles at me, concernedly, and encourages me to distance myself from the business side of affairs. I’d like to think that she is just doing it to be supportive of the family, but I know that she is always resentful of the fact that I am a Gladefall of the Gladefall Herb Empire, whereas she is just a Thornweaver.
It isn’t that I don’t like looking after my children. I love my babies to pieces, and I love to spend my time with them. Analith, at eighteen months, is just getting old enough to be useful. After much effort and bribery with sweeties, he can chirp “Big Sale, ‘erbs!” on demand. Mirae is still rather slow developmentally, but as I said to my husband, with a face like hers, she isn’t going to be relying on her brain in the future. For some reason, he seemed very annoyed by this! Loredar and Flora, who are just over two weeks old, are what you would call good sleepers. In that they only wake up at one a.m, three a.m and five a.m (as opposed to every thirty minutes). It is alarming how quickly your body can adapt to an irregular sleep cycle, though. With Analith, I used to stagger out of bed every few hours feeling as if I was dying. Now, when I heard a “Ra ra ra” from the nursery in the middle of the night, I can hop up as if it were nine in the morning.
Query: Is mothering a skill? Are people impressed by full-time motherhood? Not in my family, at least. My own mother, Elune bless, never took a moment to rest even after the birth. She was carrying us around in slings when we were a few hours old.
Look what happened to her, though!! Dead at two thousand from a mere chest infection. There has got to be a medium between working yourself to the grave and hanging around the house all day. Perhaps I should get a hobby? Maybe I should re-engage in my ‘light-fingery’. That’d be a nice little profit, for only an hour or two’s labour. Hmmm, I’m not sure if my mate would approve of that. He was very annoyed about bailing me out the other day; if I do it too often, he might leave me there to ROT.


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    Aphel said,

    “With a face like hers, she isn’t going to be using her brain in the future.”

    *Mirae looks at a mirror, tripping over a snail miraculously*

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