Under Arrest!

“She’s in Cell 14, North Wing.”

Aphel bowed his head in gruff thanks, the lines around his mouth rigid with disapproval. A moment later, a commotion from elsewhere in the prison caused him to raise his eyes  once more in a questioning glance. The human warder shuffled his feet, unwilling to face the accusing amber stare; directing his gaze at the metal tips of his boots.

“There’s been a bit of a problem with the prisoners in the East Wing. And, urhm, the West Wing. They’re..a disruptive lot.”

Aphel said nothing, merely nodded and began to descend the dank stone steps which led to North Wing. The guard coughed once more, pointedly.

“You’ll have to leave your weapon here. There’s a rack.

A moment later, the gleaming blue steel polearm rested alongside a clutter of dull iron; ostentatious as a peacock among pigeons. The guard, whose fingers had not left his scabbard from the moment that the notorious Ashamal Shalah’aman had crossed the threshold. He shot the impassive Kaldorei a guarded once-over, his eyes sweeping over the blue robes which did not quite hide  the outline of a mail hauberk beneath.

“Have you got any other weapons on you, sir?”

Aphel considered the man for a moment, quietly. A moment later he offered a clipped denial. The guard looked somewhat dubious but waved him through, with an inward sigh of resignation. After all, he thought to himself dryly, it wasn’t as if it was the man’s first trip to the Stockades.

Leafsong? Leafsong.”

A string of curses rang out from Cell 9, and Aphel wrinkled his nose, avoiding a puddle of suspicious looking liquid slowly draining into the gutter. The North Wing, as were the other wings of the prison, stretched beneath the cobbled streets and dirty canals of Stormwind. Lit sparsely with guttering torches, buckets placed in strategic locations to catch drips from leaking rafters. Distant cries from the problematic East and West branches of the prison were barely audible through the thick stone which divided the cells. Squinting at a grimy marker, Aphel turned a corner and was confronted with another cacophony of shouting; some voices booming with alcohol-enhanced hilarity, others pleading and placating, a select few bellowing with rage.


” ‘Usband! Finally.Over here! Two cells past the spinning Draenei!”

Aphel shot the Draenei (who was indeed rotating in a rum-soaked haze) an incredulous look as he passed, entering the last cell in the row. The small room was split in half by a row of iron bars, the space nearer Aphel was littered with various apparatus of inflicting pain. Leafsong was sitting in the corner of the barred area, as far as possible from her drunken, slumped cellmate. As soon as she saw her mate, she shot upright and leapt over to the bars, wrapping her fingers around the cold iron and pressing her face between them. Aphel said nothing for a moment, letting the silence grow heavy between them, his golden gaze meeting her pale one dispassionately.Her face was already assembling itself into an expression of unashamed charm.

“It weren’t me!”
“You were caught stealing a pocketwatch from a visiting lord.”
“I was framed!”
“You were caught with your hand in his pocket. Literally. Stuck there. He dragged you halfway around Cathedral Square before the guards arrived.

She scowled back at him, lowering her eyelashes defensively.

“Well, it weren’t my fault that my rings got tangled in a loose thread. In fact, it’s your ring! So, it’s actually…your fault. Ha!” She held up her hand triumphantly, where the blob of elementium gleamed on her bony knuckle. Aphel snorted, approaching the bars and bowing his head to hers. She looked at him solemnly, her head only an inch below his. Rubbing her cheekbone with his thumb, he shook his head in disapproval.

“I paid your bail. You’ll be walking out with me.”

His glower cut off her excitement prematurely as his fingers crept over to her earlobe and pinched it, roughly.

“Is there something you’re not telling me, Leafsong? Because, the last I checked, the wife of a Shalah’aman and the heir to the GHE did not need to engage in petty theft.”

She avoided his gaze, then squawked as his grip on her ear tightened.

“Oi! Aah, let go. I’m just keepin’ my skills honed. Don’t want to go soft. I learnt my lesson though, I’ll keep the rock ’round my neck the next time I’m feelin’…light of finger.”

He pursed his lips but removed his fingers from her ear. She caught them and pressed them to her mouth, looking up at him from beneath her eyelashes. Finally, he grunted and raised his eyes to the grimy ceiling, shaking his head.

“The twins need feeding when you get back. Elurina has given them the bottle, but they don’t like it.”

Leafsong smiled toothily at him, kissing his lined fingers once more before curling them in her own.

“I missed you.”


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Sharaan said,

    Leafsong needs to stay out of trouble with the law …

  2. 3

    Aphel said,

    Poor thing. Aphel bailed her ass out again.

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