Attack Saber

Leafsong clapped her hands, imperiously.


Ashaid shot her a contemptuous look. Leafsong repeated the command, raising her voice several decibels. The saber curled its lip, before ambling over to where Aphel was flat on his back, fiddling with the underneath of the motorcycle. Leafsong scowled, scrambling to her feet with some difficulty, holding a kicking Flora.

“Oi, ‘usband! Your saber is disobeying my orders!”

With a grunt, Aphel retracted himself from the bowels of the malfunctioning bike and sat up, a smear of grime across his cheek. Analith, noticing his father’s distraction, took the opportunity to rummage through the toolbox with a malicious cackle.

“What are you ordering him to do, exactly?”

Leafsong rolled her eyes and unfolded her arms, gesturing vaguely.

“You knooow.”

Aphel deftly plucked a gyrospanner from Analith’s chubby fist, as the little boy advanced towards Mirae’s turned back. Mirae, unaware of her narrow escape, continued to sit in the grass and place ripped-up daisies on Loredar’s round stomach. “No, I have no idea.”

“I’m trainin’ him to be the official GHE Attack Saber!”

Aphel’s jaw sagged slightly.


“You know, to attack potential burglars. Like a guard dog. Attack Saber! Hooo!”

Aphel frowned at her, patting Analith on the head placatingly as the grumpy baby toddled off towards his discarded wooden horse.

“I’m not surprised he won’t pander to your ridiculous requests. That is the most demeaning thing I have ever heard. Ashaid is descended from the matriarch of the Wintersaber tribe.”

Leafsong made a dismissive noise with her lips, shifting Flora to the other arm. Stepping over the other children on the rug, she shuffled over to her husband.

“This grass needs cuttin’. You can do that after you fix my bike’s exploding brake problem.”


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