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Leafsong’s Diary 9.6

I should be surprised when something hideous disrupts the balance of my life, really. But I still can’t believe that the circumstances in which I am living now (so different from what they were ten years ago!) are truly real. Which is why I’m not shocked when something awful happens, which threatens to ruin everything.

My husband and several members of his guild have been affected by some terrible curse, bestowed on them by persons unknown. It is the most awful kind of curse, one which not only causes physical pain, but a slow descent into madness. It is like the sweating sickness which occasionally descended on Nighthaven’s poorest district, my old home. First it causes lightheadedness; then increasingly powerful waves of drowsiness. Then sleep comes, and on waking, the mind is utterly destroyed. He has lost soldiers to it already. And my husband has it. My husband!

It is a terrible thing, to feel so helpless. What is the use of my father’s business if not one single remedy or potion can cure it? The floor of the  GHE:SW is scattered with half-empty vials and herbs, all of which are useless. Useless! My mate is keeping a brave face, so that he doesn’t scare me; but I can tell that he is not used to fighting an enemy which he cannot see, one which dwells inside him. He hasn’t seen any of the babies for two days. My grandmother has moved to an inn in the Old District, as her immune system is weak from debilitating illness in her youth. Shyla is helping me to look after the babies, as my husband cannot. My mate has not slept for two days, either. He keeps injecting himself with adrenaline to keep himself awake. I am worried for his heart.

I have lived for three hundred years without my husband; but after two years with him, I cannot imagine life without.


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