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Leafsong’s Diary 5.6

At the rate which Analith is getting through these infant storybooks, he’ll have surpassed my reading ability in about…ooh, three weeks time. Baah! I don’t mean that he reads them himself, but my husband reads them to him (or I spend eight hours memorising them and then reciting them from memory), and then when he is bored of a certain book, he will go “Nagh!”. Which means next. Or else food. I’m not sure which. Analith has about five hundred different words for food. Mirae still hasn’t shown any interest in hearing stories read to her. She likes to look in the mirror, and be cuddled, in that order. She is a very needy baby. Or perhaps all infants are needy at that age? Analith certainly wasn’t, he was attempting to do circuits round the Park as soon as he could crawl. The twins are just over a week old, now. Loredar is the quieter one of the two, but definitely the most curious – his eyes spin around in his head every time a new stimulus enters his vision. Flora likes to thrash her arms around, and turn her head from side to side, making breathy little snorts. I have begun to dress them by colour according to their gender (green for boy, yellow for girl), because an upsettingly LARGE number of people have now mixed them up. Flora does NOT look like a boy.

Query: Is it possible for hormones to get mixed up in the womb? Must see healer about this ASAP!!!

My husband is very busy these days, scribbling away at rolls of parchment like a fiend. I peeked over his shoulder once or twice, but what I saw so frightened me (not that I could read it, the sight of so much unintelligible text was traumatising) that I’ve deliberately avoided his desk. I’ve also been avoiding that commission which Faelor dropped off the other day. Hmph. Must get round to that soon.

Oh! Last night, my husband’s guild hosted a large arena tournament. Even members of the Horde were there, competing for monetary prizes. I had to be taken away after a little while though, I was getting dangerously hysterical at the thought of precious gold being given away to savages (or anyone other than myself, really).


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