“Ay, ‘usband!”

Aphel looked up, spectacles sliding down hooked nose, his eyebrow shooting up in question. Leafsong dropped “Rejuvenation! and You: Beginners Guide to Druidism” facedown on the counter and fixed him with a questioning stare.

“Would you try attacking me and the babies? Jump at us from around a corner with blade drawn?”

His jaw sagged slightly, before his hands rose in resignation. “I’m not even going to try and decipher your motives myself. Why the fu- (he glanced over at Analith and Mirae, playing with a wooden saber in the corner) – why in damnation’s name would you want me to attack you? You’re big with child.”

She scowled back at him, defensively covering up her bloated stomach with the discarded text.

“I have noticed that, thank you. But no, no- d’you want to hear my reasoning behind it?”

“Please, enlighten me.”

“Well” she said triumphantly, rhythmically drumming the cover of Rejuvenation! with her fingers. “If you attack me, then my rational mind – that which is stoppin’ me from mastering anything vaguely druidic – will shut down. My primal instincts will take over. I will be filled with the raging maternal urges of the bear, protecting her young. And thus. My body will be transformed! And I won’t get expelled from my classes! BAM!”

She punctuated her words by slamming the text down on the counter beside her, causing Analith and Mirae to jump and rotate their eyes in her direction, alarmed. Aphel’s brow furrowed and he paused before replying, carefully.

“Do you actually think that that would work?”

Her gaze met his defiantly for a moment, then dropped to the floor; her shoulders slumping in defeat.

“Noo-ooo. But I got to do something, don’t I? Especially after that debacle where I tried to heal your druid friend and ended up exploding a seed inside his nose.”

Aphel let out another snort, reaching down to part his squabbling infants. Leafsong gnawed at her lower lip for a moment, then grimaced.

“I bet he ratted me out to the Circle. Shan’do Theridran was giving me foul looks this morning at class. ….More foul than usual, anyway.”

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  1. 1

    Aphel said,


    Anyway, funny story. Leafsong seems to frighten the children a lot with her antics.

  2. 2

    Tylandra said,

    Actually I didn’t have a tabard on because recruits aren’t allowed to wear them. 😀

    But now that whole Guard nonsense is behind me. Now Tylandra does contract work again, so the next prank will be….. “LEAFSONG I AM HERE TO KILL YOU!”

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