Leafsong’s Diary 5.5 – In which Leafsong is still fat!

I feel about as wide as I am tall. I can’t tell how much of this blubber is baby, and how much of it is fat. Or water. I feel as if I am about to give birth to twin elekks. The amount of effort it takes me to heave myself up and down the stairs from the ground floor to the first floor is so immense that I simply cannot be bothered to get out of bed. I have moved into my bed, actually. The babies stay in here with me, I eat all my meals in here. I do my seed sorting in here, and my stock listing. My husband is beginning to complain about sharing his bed with crumbs, tiny wooden horses and various bits of herb, but I care not. He knows that he can’t upset me too much.

In other news, I am beginning to feel slightly apprehensive about actually – you know – giving birth. I don’t think I can go through with it. I’ve discussed this seriously with my mate, but he dismisses my concerns out of hand. It’s alright for him! He isn’t due to have his stomach sliced open by someone who is definitely not a licensed medical professional in two weeks. I know that he is getting a priestess to oversee things, and heal the wound. But half of the priestesses I know don’t like me. Many of them hate me! Just because of that N’krosh dust debacle. I wouldn’t put it past them to accidentally toss a few bits of rock and dirt inside me before they close me up.

Leafsong’s Alternatives to Giving Birth via Stomach

Giving birth naturally. No. I have gone down that route with Analith. I did not like that route.

Arcane extraction. I just made that up, but surely one of these mages or arcanists know some genius method for teleporting unborn infants out of the womb? Or else they could open a portal to my womb…hrmmm

Vomiting up the babies. My husband says that I have no grasp of biology, but I think this is a potentially viable solution.


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    Aphel said,

    Poor thing! Sounds like she has a lot on her mind. Vomit out the babies XD

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