Leafsong’s Diary 27.4 – In which Leafsong is poorly.

I don’t feel very well.

I don’t know why I’m writing in here now, actually, I don’t even like writing at all much at the best of times. My husband recommended it as a way to try and improve my literacy. It does help, somewhat, but it’s still a chore. It’s a chore even when I’m feeling well and healthy.

And I don’t feel well and healthy at the moment, I feel bloody awful. It’s my own fault, too! I accompanied my mate and his posse (alright, I have to stop calling them that. It’s not a posse. It’s a guild) to Feathermoon Isle in Feralas. There was some sort of prisoner exchange going on, one of my husband’s men had been captured by the Sunguard a week or so prior, and he was to be exchanged for a Sindorei hostage. The actual exchange was to take place on the Feralas coastline, and I ignored my husband when he told me to stay on the island. I wanted to see what was going on! I mean, there was no indication that it was going to be a violent confrontation. I gave the man meant to watch me the slip, swam the crossing and hid in a bush halfway between the Sindorei faction, and my mate’s party.

The prisoner exchange took place, and although all communication was in Thalassian and I didn’t understand a word, it seemed to be going well. The horrible Sindorei arcanists  began to conjure portals in order to leave, when in the midst of their preparation, my husband gave the order to fire.

I could do nothing but cringe in the bush as the battle raged around me, my eyes popping out and my arms wrapped around my stomach. I was only wearing my normal clothes, shapeless cloth-y things, which wouldn’t be adequate protection against a paper dart! The sounds of fighting and yells were just dying down, and I began to breathe again, when I felt something prick the skin just above my collarbone. I felt there with my fingers, but found no dart, no wound or bleeding. There was just a small, almost invisible, purplish dot. When I ran my fingertip over it, it felt slightly raised, but prompted no adverse sensation.

At that point, anyway. We began to travel north towards Astranaar, and I began to feel slightly nauseous. By the time we reached the city, I felt as if I had frogs leaping and crawling inside my stomach, trying to hurl themselves up through my gullet. It was the most peculiar feeling. I think my husband just thought that I was worn out and exhausted from the traveling. I didn’t tell him.

And now it’s the morning after, and I still feel rotten. The mark on my neck tingles to the touch, and there is the finest reddish line running up the underside of my arm. I took every potion and herbal remedy I could possibly use without overdosing myself last night, after my husband went to bed, and it didn’t do anything at all. Except cause some nasty side-effects. Ahem.

Anyway, I have to do something about this situation. Hopefully without my husband finding out. I’m sure that if he found out that I had endangered the lives of his unborn children through my own foolhardiness, there would be hell to pay!


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Aphel said,

    Poor thing! I’m worried about her.

  2. 2

    Sharaan said,

    Aw! Sharaan will help her find a cuire 🙂

  3. 3

    Qirane said,

    how do you know about blood infections? the line on the arm thing…

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