She looked up as something occurred to her.

“OI, n’do?”

He raised his eyes over the sheaf of parchment he was perusing, a greying eyebrow rising. “Yes, darling?”

“Why did I take your name when we became lifemates?”


She persisted: “I mean, most women of our kind don’t take the man’s name. They keep their own, or the man adopts the matriarchal name. Why aren’t I still Leafsong Gladefall?”

“Because it’s tradition.”

“Tradition, from antiquity! Most of society has discarded Highborne custom, if you hadn’t noticed!”

Aphel let out a grunt, returning to his letters. Leafsong scowled, sliding off the counter and pushing the papers down with her fingers.

“I know, let’s change your name to Ashamal Gladefall! And the babies’ names.”


She widened her eyes accusingly at him. “You can’t just say no, straight away. We are lifemates! You’re meant to consider my opinions fairly and respectfully, not just dismiss them out of hand!”

He closed his eyes for a moment with a muted sigh, the lines in his forehead creasing. After a moment, he gazed up at her once more.


She made a huffing sound and flicked the papers into his face, before turning on her heel and marching away.


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Aphel said,

    Beware, I am Elder Ashamal Gladefall! Beware my skills, muwhahaha

  2. 2

    Qirane said,

    Hahaha, nice

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