Hmm so I was wondering the other day who would play Aphel and Leafsong in an IRL film (I was bored of studying, alright!?) I asked Aphel, and he was like Jeremy Irons. I – shamefully, for a native Brit – didn’t know who he was, so had to GI him:

I can definitely see Aphel as that guy. That guy is actually super hot, IMO. Though I might be somewhat biased as I have been told I have “weird” tastes in hot men. I thought the geek scientist dad in Honey I Shrunk The Kids was hot. HE IS HOT!!!

Leafsong was really hard actually, because she isn’t really based off anyone. And there aren’t many not-hot 20-ish actresses on Google. No, she does not look like Emma Watson. No, she does not look like Scarlett Johansson (ha!) No, she DEFINITELY does not look like Kristen Stewart (kill me!) There aren’t that many scowly, wide-eyed, long-nose, solemn faced actresses in Hollywood nowadays, I suppose. Actually, that description sounds really like a horse. Or a ….




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  1. 1

    Aphel said,

    HAHHAAHHAHAHA. I laughed for about 5 minutes when I saw the last picture.

  2. 2

    Qirane said,

    I shouldve learned by now not to read your blog while eating breakfast…

  3. 4

    Tylandra said,

    I always thought of Aphel as Al Pacino.

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