Leafsong’s Diary 14.4 – In which Leafsong buys a couples’ entertainment device (not what you think).

I like having a mate who is wealthy. I enjoy spending his gold. Especially since I hoard every copper that the GHE:SW earns with the ferocity of a mother saber defending her young. Come to think of it, my reaction to someone snatching my coinpurse/baby would probably be identical.

Anyway, I went shopping yesterday in  the Trade District – I don’t often go shopping (as everything on this Elune-damned continent is overpriced), but due to work stress and hormonal urges (I think that my unborn daughter has realised that I expect her to wear the third-hand overalls that we bought for Annie two years ago), I decided to go and act like a spendthrift. I bought the babies some new clothes (Analith won’t be parted from his human-style Diva! outfit), my husband some carpet slippers (which he accepted without a sarcastic remark), and — this is best of all! A COUPLES ENTERTAINMENT DEVICE. For those long and tedious summer nights where the entire city sleeps, and our kind are up and bored with nothing to do!

Of course, my mate had to go and be a spoilsport. “That’s not a couples’ entertainment device, that’s a wringer” he said, like the killjoy he truly is. How ridiculous! I thought, and told him so. I paid ten gold for this fabulous contraption, and we are going to spend many many nights turning the handles and laughing with hilarity together. What his problem is, I think, is that he cannot take the excitement at his age. I do feel sorry for him. But I won’t let him get out of it. He is going to spin those handles and like it.

Leafsong’s new couples’ entertainment device:


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  1. 1

    Aphel said,

    Poor Leafsong. She probably played with bis of garbage for fun as a kid! Nice post, and nice picture! ❤

  2. 2

    Sharaan said,

    I want Leafsong as my wife IRL.

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