Cataclysm druid changes


I suppose having an interrupt is nice, but I only go cat/bear for my levelling spec. Shroomkin is going to be hilarious though. I bet they will look like those hideous mushrooms that grow around the first Underbog boss, though. WTB some cute, dancing, Fantasia-style mushroom companions. Omg, YES. PLEASE!

I like the thought of a growth of healing flora beneath the feet of those you crit with Rejuvie, though. And no, random person on WoWinsider, this does not make druids “more gay”. I think you mistook “more gay” for AWESOME.

No more spells? NO! I’m sad! I don’t think that we have enough spells at all. Look at priests, and how many spells their have in their repertoire. And what is this about lifebloom stacks being able to tank heal? Seriously, they are bringing that back? IMO, they should have revamped Healing Touch (which noone uses apart from right after Nature’s Swiftness), to make it a legit big heal spell.

And tree form on a Metamorphosis type cooldown….arhrhhmmm, I’m in two minds about this. Actually, three minds!

PVE: NO! NOO! I love being a tree and hopping around instances. I might as well be a damn priest if I have to stare at Leafsong’s caster ass.

PVP: Eehh! Most of the time I stay in caster form anyway, as being a tree in WSG seems to attract the attention of half the zone.

RP: Hrrmmm. If Leafsong gets to run around healing as a caster, I guess that could be a little less lorebreaking than her running around as a OMGTREE (especially since she can’t even shift yet). But what about the people who RP in tree form the majority of the time?

Anyway I can’t afford to spend any more time than this thinking about it! It’s silly to get so het up, it’s early days yet and I’m sure a lot of things will get altered before the expansion comes out, whenever that may be!

Back to studying. Three chapters of fun coming up! Let’s see…

CH10: Goal-congruent Emotions
CH11: Curiosity and Creativity
CH12: Competence and the Need for Control…

AND THEN! Eight health care ethics essays to read over. Who wants to talk about euthanasia?! What a fun way to spend a sunny Saturday =)


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