Leafsong’s Diary 8.4 – In which Leafsong reports from a war zone!

I don’t like Northrend. I know that it’s a part of beloved Azeroth, which our Lady created, and as such we are bound to serve and protect it (etc. etc.), but the entire continent – ugh, I wouldn’t mourn for more than a minute if Azshara blasted it with her trident and it sunk beneath her waves. Sure, there are SOME regions which I can tolerate for more than a minute (Or, one. Namely Sholozar). But the rest! Let me go through them:

Borean Tundra: Swamp, swamp, dirt patch, robo-gnomes.
Dragonblight: Horrible, miles-wide graveyard.
Icecrown: More of the above ^
Storm Peaks: A pain to navigate, plus inhabited by giant women. Who are taller than me, so they must be freakish.
Zul’drak: Full of TROLLS.
Crystalsong Forest: What have they done to all the lovely trees!?
Howling Fjord: Inhabited by giant men.

So why do I find myself here, hiding inside a high elven tent in Windrunner’s Overlook, writing this while the sounds of battle ring about my ears?

Because my husband has decided that this insignificant little outpost, in the middle of the most pointless and aesthetically-unpleasing regions of Azeroth, is worth risking his life and unit for. Apparently the Horde feel the same way. It’s ridiculous! I’m freezing my balls off, I didn’t bring my protective leather gear, and the high elves are looking at me derisively for not joining the charge with the rest of the fools. What? Endanger my own life for this patch of arcane-mutated land?! No, thank you! I’m at least hoping that there’ll be some loot to gather on the field afterwards. I have my pliers at the ready, and will be keeping an eye out for gold teeth.


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    Beurghes said,

    QQ I wasn’t able to attend because it started at 3am for me. Leaf, I know you’re going to return to Europe soon, so heed my words: Spend as much time as you can RPing in a comfortable schedule now because once you hit THIS timezone you will learn to despise the Atlantic ocean.

    • 2

      Leafsong said,

      Hehehe oh believe me, the past two summers have more than drilled that into my head xD Luckily I’m a night owl anyway (also, I hate that expression, but it does the job), and I usually worked it out so that I’d have two late nights, then one normal night =P Of course, it does help not having to work or do anything at all doing the daytime in the summer..! (lazy)

      • 3

        Aphel said,

        Yes you have, darling <33333 My love.

        I love this post, especially when Leafsong noted that she had balls again…

        Is she hiding something from me?

      • 4

        Leafsong said,

        Pff Aphel would have to be pretty damn unobservant these past few years

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