Leafsong peered at her reflection warily in the flickering candlelight, noticing with dismay that a new spot had erupted on her forehead. The goblin behind her shifted on his crate, impatiently snipping the air with a pair of vicious-looking scissors. At nearly seven in the evening, she was the last customer of the day; the rest of the salon was deserted save for another goblin stylist reluctantly coerced into the role of babysitter for a drowsy Analith and Mirae.

“So.What are we after today?” The goblin perched somewhat precariously behind Leafsong, needing double the usual amount of props to bring himself alongside her bowed head.

She dragged her attention away from the pimple, blinking once or tiwce.

“Um. I ah, want- somefing alluring. I want to be sex kitty. For my ‘usband.”

The goblin looked at her long-nosed reflection doubtfully.

“Hrm. Ambitious. Oh well, we’ll give it a shot!”


Forty minutes later, he sheathed his scissors with a dramatic flourish.

“And we’re done!”

Leafsong gazed at her newly trimmed hair, somewhat tentatively. A large hunk of feathery green hair hung over her eyes.

“This bit- is in my face. Is meant to be in face..?”

“You’re supposed to smoulder alluringly through it, long-ears. If that’s too much effort for you, I can just make it a side parting!”

She shook her head hastily, flicking the hair over her eyes and pouting at him kittenishly. “Rrrrrrr! How about this?”

He shuddered. “You’re all done.”


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Aphel said,

    Awww. That’s so cute. Hehe

    I love Leafie.

  2. 2

    Sharaan said,

    Has Leaf changed her hair? 😮

    • 3

      Leafsong said,

      No! Though I wish there were more than two tolerable hairstyles for NE women. 90% of them look like something you’d see on a female WWF wrestler (the kind nicknamed The Bulldyke)

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