Leafsong on promises!

My lifemate got rather irate last night when I told him that I didn’t believe in making promises, nor in keeping them. I don’t understand it when people invoke trust in others by giving them their ‘word’. I don’t understand why people would put their faith in something so tenuous and temporary. It goes against our very nature – whether one is Kaldorei, human, even gnome – to keep a promise, since we are conditioned to put our own self-interest first. When I spend the afternoon bawling because a client has broken the terms of a GHE contract, I cry for the loss of revenue, not for the disloyalty of the client. This is why I always add up the revenue sheets without fail, always seek out new business, wake up at dawn to check the orders myself; I know that the contracts I have are not worth the parchment they are written on.

This, to me, is a fact of nature itself, reflected in the behaviour of dumb beasts and children. I have seen promises made and broken dozens of times over, each little betrayal inflicting further harm to the ego. I don’t understand how people who put so much faith in the promises of others can bear it, I truly don’t. It’s probably why I have so little respect for the priestesses, and for those who are wholly devoted to their faith. How can they vow servitude and worship for the hope of future benefit, with no solid reward?

I hope this doesn’t come across as too pessimistic. I don’t make promises, because I do everything which I set my mind to. Nothing more! My lifemate knows that I am loyal to him, because I am loyal, not because I have sworn it. My children know that I will protect them, because I do protect them, not because I promised them that I would. No-one will have to worry that I will break my promises to them, because I won’t make any. People can judge me simply on the basis of my last action, as I judge them.

This is why I cannot trust the men and women of my lifemate’s military unit, the ones who have sworn their loyalty to the Elder, to Staghelm and to the Lady. Their vows count for nothing in my eyes! This doesn’t mean that I dislike them, of course. I like many of them, and they are tolerant of me sitting silent (and often scowling) in the majority of their meetings. But my husband places his trust in them, and so I can’t. I have to keep an eye on my husband’s back, two eyes when I can spare them.


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    Aphel said,

    Leafsong is such an interesting character! What an interesting post.

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