Leafsong’s Diary 12.3 – In which Leafsong gets a pleasing shipment, and a pissy husband.

I haven’t ever seen my husband as angry as he was the night that his precious Might got their arses kicked from Freewind Post to Feralas. By a bunch of Sindorei Blood Guard rabble! He was ranting and raving, tearing at his hair and kicking at stones. The soldiers looked quite alarmed. I tried to calm him down by stuffing some healing herbs in his mouth. It didn’t work.

In other news, I got a very pleasing shipment from my brothers. Apparently Ban obtained it from a dwarf, who dug it out of some forsaken pit in the Barrens. It arrived this morning in a false-bottomed crate, wrapped carefully in silk cloth. An idol of Elune, carved out of bone – what kind of bone, I know not – but older than any idol I’ve ever seen. The Lady is squat, and dare I say ugly, with swollen features, a gigantic, distended bosom and belly, and a single eye in the centre of her forehead. It looks almost trollish! How do I know it’s Elune, and not some hideous Tauren abomination? It has a moon carved out in its belly, inlaid with pearl, and no troll deity I know has lunar significance. I didn’t know that our people even dwelt in the Barrens, but perhaps they did, at some point. I care not for its historical significance!

I am going to get so much gold for this!!


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