Leafsong’s Diary 4.3 – In which Leafsong does something sacrilegous?

A very mixed few days, if truth be told! In order to orderly summarise the past few days, I shall compartmentalise in a manner befitting a businesswoman such as myself.

Self: Fine. I suppose. I’m six months pregnant now (roughly. I can’t even remember when I conceived, which I’m definitely going to blame my lifemate for. He should write it down in his notes every time that he is lucky enough to lie with me. It’s certainly getting to be a noteworthy occasion, these days! HA!). This pregnancy is less stressful than the other two, mostly because we don’t have mad zealots (Scarlets; Analith) or bloodthirsty assassins (Rasmussen, Kilkrin; Mirae) coming after us this time. My body aches a lot, though. It definitely takes its toll on the body, I feel as if they are draining all my energy from me. I suppose it’s selfish of me to complain about that, but it is rather boring to feel half-asleep all the time. Doesn’t help when you have six orders to fill before breakfast!

Druidic classes: Ugh. No comment. Is it possible to lose knowledge?

Children: Analith is senselessly violent for an eighteen-month old. He also said a curse word the other day, shortly before hitting Mirae over the head with her stuffed saber. I had to punish him by locking him in the cage for an hour. On the plus side, I have taught him to stir a cauldron! It’s never too young to begin contributing to the family economical unit. Poor cowardly Mirae is alright; she really is the prettiest baby I’ve ever laid eyes on. Sometimes I can hardly believe that she came from me. Neither me nor my lifemate are that good looking! She’s ever so vain, though. I gave her a metal spoon to play with, and she amused herself for twenty minutes just gazing at her reflection. Then the spoon distorted her mirrored image and she began to scream hysterically. And now she’s developed a phobia of spoons. I’ll have to add it to the list!

Business: Going excellently. Pa is thinking of opening up a small stall in Ironforge. I’ll have to make a trip up there and scout out the competition. I took a quick trip to Winterspring as well, recently. Owlbeast feathers are the perfect catalyst for….well, it’s a secret! My husband nearly had a heart attack though. “SACRED BEASTS OF ELUUUUNE!” he kept hollering as he shot them in the face. Strange man!

Husband: Things are going well, really. We had our two-year lifemate ceremony anniversary the other day. I know that it’s ridiculous to celebrate after so short a time, but I think that with the world in such a state as it is, you have to take your celebrations when you can get them! Unfortunately we had a teensy little row last night when he refused to take me for tea and tarts in Starfall Village. I made him sleep on the porch. Hmphh.


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  1. 1

    Aphel said,



    I love how Leafsong distorts everything.

  2. 2

    Sharaan said,

    Hahahaha. Leafsong is hilarious 😛

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