Leafsong’s Diary 1.3 – In which Leafsong contemplates on her conflicting roles.

Last night some raving lunatic of a Death Knight attempted to attack my lifemate and I for no reason. It was the most hilarious/tragic thing I’d ever seen, although usually I don’t take death threats on my family so lightly.

First of all, his reason for carrying out this unprovoked attack was “To show the ignorant that they can die too”. Or something like that. How ridiculous! Secondly, he decided to go about it by standing at the foot of the grassy ramp leading to the GHE and discussing, very loudly, with his companion how soon he was going to torture, mutilate and kill the two elves inside. While my husband and I were standing outside by the outer storage locker. This gave me ample time to escape with the babies down the emergency tunnel, while my husband set up a system of traps and readied his weapons.

The actual murder attempt was so laughable that it isn’t even worth recording. The moron didn’t even get further than the front door before he had sixteen arrows in his face.

While I was sitting in the tunnel though, with the babies sleeping nestled against my chest, I did have some time to think. I am approaching my sixth month of pregnancy, but it doesn’t appear it – probably because I’m unnaturally skinny and elongated in my normal form, my stomach is only slightly rounded. If I disguise it with loose shirts, or strap it up with a leather corset, it’s barely distinguishable. If it weren’t for the fact that my body is so sore and aching, or that my head spins with nausea when I wake up in the morning, my pregnancy would be of little relevance to me in my daily life.

What is my role? I’m a mother, a young one perhaps, but that’s no excuse to slack off on my maternal duties. I’m a businesswoman, responsible for maintaining a GHE presence in the Eastern Kingdoms. But I’m also lifemate to  an often intolerable and frustrating man. Someone who has a vision which I don’t share, but which I am bound by mutually sworn bond to support. He says that it is for  the good of the children, that he is securing their future. This is what I try and remember, what I cling to, as I accompany him on his little military jaunts to insignificant farms and homesteads.

I have a strong constitution. I wish for my children to be strong too. I can’t neglect my duties as a lifemate, because I am frightened for the fragility of my body. I have a responsibility to be at my lifemate’s side, supporting him in his endeavours! I have faith that he will keep me safe on the battlefield, and if not, I have faith in my own alchemical ability. I’m the best damn commercial potion brewer in the Park, no matter what those fu- those humans from the GHE say. How many times have we learnt about Sentinel Maya Riverflow, who rode into battle on her saber with her swollen stomach encased in metal plate? If she can do it, why not I?

So I strap myself up with leather, I bind my waist as tight as I dare and I accompany my lifemate into battle for the good of our people. I hope that my bravery is noted by Elune, and that my unborn children will be praised, not punished, for their mother’s decision.

(( Of course, this blog post was inspired by the real life example of Isabella of Castile, the mother of Catherine of Aragon (first wife of Henry VIII), who led the military expulsion of the Moors while heavily pregnant. Badass!! Though totally not recommendable, omg. ))


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  1. 1

    Aphel said,

    So cool. Leafsong is such a thoughtful and complex character! People ought to admire that more <3333 Happy anniversary!

  2. 2

    Qerrathien said,

    Happy Anniversary you two. ❤

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