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Leafsong, again!

The finished sketch! Again, awesome picture is by SATTERLY.


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More art!

This is a rough sketch of a new commission I’ve made! Done by the v. skilled SATTERLY of MG, check out his page on the MG Wiki –>

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Leafsong’s Diary 28.3 – In which Leafsong has ambitions.

In my anthropological class, we are doing a “tableaux” for the Stormwind locals. To illustrate Kaldorei history. Either this will be a great success, or a terrible tragedy. We are illustrating the events immediately prior to the unison of the Alliance (i.e. the demonic invasion of the the forests of Ashenvale).

My classmates voted me to be Tyrande. I was dozing off when it happened, otherwise I would have protested vehemently. I know that they only voted me to play the main role because they are convinced that I am going to mess up hideously and make a fool of myself.

Which I probably will! I have to write my own lines. Me! I’m about as creative and literary as a murloc. After six hours of grueling concentration, all I have come up with so far is:

Demonic Invader: Raagh!
Tyrande: Begone, saucy invader!!

What am I going to do?!?!!! I don’t have time for this crap.

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Leafsong’s Diary 25.3 – In which Leafsong is relatively calm (for once.)

That’s right! For once in my life, I am not enraged, annoyed, frustrated, infuriated, perplexed, confused…or any other undesirable status. As you can tell, my quill is not gouging into the parchment, and teardrops are not smudging my ink. This is because I am calm. I am serene. I am — dare I say it? — relaxed.

This is not a luxury which I get to enjoy often. As you know, my life is full of complications  – running the GHE:SW, looking after two infants, keeping an eye on my lifemate, as well as attending the odd druidic class. As well as trying to keep myself in a fit and healthy state, considering that I’m six months pregnant now. I can feel them moving inside me- well, I feel something moving. I can’t distinguish one from the other. I try not to feel my stomach too much, it still disconcerts me slightly; the concept of living beings inside my belly. I wish my Shan’do hadn’t told me that horror story about Silithid insects laying eggs inside a Kaldorei footsoldier’s corpse. I don’t know if he was telling the truth or not, but I couldn’t sleep properly for weeks.

But, apart from experiencing near constant aches and pains, I’m fine! My husband’s military jaunts are going tolerably well- to be honest, I don’t think they have had many notable victories recently, but I don’t care. As long as he returns home in one piece! He is being very kind and sweet to me recently. I think there’s something on his mind, though he won’t say. If it continues, I will slip true-talk serum into his nightly nectar. Analith is fine, if a little violent. I have toothmarks all over my arms from when I attempted to give him his Eastern Flu vaccine. Mirae is lovely, as usual. Still terrified of nearly everything – a butterfly flew above the crib the other day, and it took nearly an hour to calm down.

We went on an expedition to Loch Modan with my lifemate’s military company last night, for a bonfire. It was nice. Some people told their stories, but I didn’t follow much of it. I can barely understand the accents of dwarves and gnomes, but their voices do make a soothing drone. I just curled on my side in the grass with my head in my Shan’do’s lap, and went to sleep.

Back to work, diary! Those seeds won’t sort themselves.

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More hellish weeks!!!

Sorry to sound like a total excuse maker XD I’m in my final four weeks of school before I graduate, and I have essays and exams and tests coming out of my ears, like horrible slugs. So entries might be a little sporadic for a while, forgive me! D= Def will be one tomorrow though

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Leafsong’s Diary 22.3 – In which Leafsong talks of fury and fertility.

I hate rowing with my lifemate. He has many years on me; years of refining and expanding his vocabulary to make his words cut like flechettes, years of honing his anger and his rage to force an opponent into submission. Despite this, he rarely unleashes the full force of his displeasure on me. He exercises restraint, with conscious and visible effort He holds himself in check, though he might clench his fists and gnash his teeth and raise his eyes to Elune.

Last night, he did not hold back his fury and it was horrific. I thought I was going to cry, but I stopped myself, driving my nails into my palms and hoping that the pain would override the fear. It helped, slightly. I made a good show of defying him, though, I am proud of myself. I raised my chin so that we were equals in height, met his amber glare with my own pale gaze. He shouted and raged, while I kept an even temper It helped that I felt a kick from inside my belly, at the outset. It reminded me of the importance of keeping calm.

Some people might say that I deserved my lifemate’s anger, that I was in the wrong. Humans would, dwarves, perhaps. Draenei, most definitely. But my fellow Kaldorei? I’m not sure. It’s a moral dilemma which I do not have the intellect or the patience to contemplate. This is what happened:

I asked my lifemate if he wanted any more children. He replied no, that four was enough. I disagreed, and stated my disappointment, but my acceptance of his decision. I said that, when the time came, I would have to find someone suitable to donate their seed. He flew into the aforementioned rage.

Why? Why? I have the dominion of my own body. To be sure, I wouldn’t want to fall pregnant immediately after the birth of the twins. I’ve had enough of being pregnant, and my body is weary. But he was willing to wait a millenium. I don’t even know what condition our people will be in, in a millenium! I might not be able to have any more children by then. We both might be dead by then! With immortality gone, noone knows how our bodies will respond to the passing of time. And I have come to regard my fecundity as a gift from Elune. Surely, she has not given me great beauty, or great brains, or even great skill – perhaps my fertility is my ‘talent’? Is it not true that I have conceived four times (once ending in sorrow, and once, doubly so) in the space of two years? I know many Kaldorei women who have difficulty even conceiving once. It seems silly to think it, but perhaps my fertility is my gift from the goddess, who has so far seemed to ignore me? Perhaps the Lady saw that our people had become dwindling and mortal, and took pity on us.

Anyway, whatever the case may be, I won’t wait another millennium to have another child. I want to help our people, I want to see the Kaldorei grow and achieve their former glory once more. I don’t want us to live in isolated, ever-shrinking pockets. My lifemate didn’t want to share this goal with me, so he became angry. I didn’t understand then, and I don’t now. It is not as if I want to take another mate. I am happy with the one I have. I just need someone to plant a seed in my- ha!- tilled soil, in a decade or so. Why can’t he see this?

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So tonight I decided to try and see how far I got in Karazhan, on Leaf! I always liked Karazhan, I think it has a lot more atmosphere and personality than a lot of WOTLK raids (COUGH COUGH ToC). Honestly my confidence wasn’t too high, my tank gear is definitely sub-par and my tank skill is….hahahahaha, anyway. Aphel decided to join me, and we got further than I thought! We managed to kill Attuman (no screenie, forgot), Moroes (which was easier than I thought …>.>) and Maiden of Virtue (easy except Aphel died to Holy Fire). Not even gonna try Opera, wanted to leave with the taste of VICTORY! in my mouth =P

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