Meeting (continued)

She scowled at him for a moment more, her pale eyes opaque in the dim candlelight. He met her gaze for a second with his own beady black pupils, but then grinned and glanced down at the table. A derisive snort blew out of her nostrils, and she turned back to the Ethereal.

“Now. What your problem, Mr. Xe’voss?”

He turned his sightless head towards her, mimicking the Azerothian mannerism. The arcane energy in the room prickled once more, causing those composed of matter to shift uncomfortable in their seats. He reached out a hand slowly, extending a bandaged finger towards her. The end of the creamy linen dangled loose, hovering precariously close to the exposed flame of the candle.

“This delay, it does not please me. Gladefall. It is essential that my arcane amplifiers reach here before the full moon!”

Leafsong exhaled loudly, her stubby nails tapping an irritated staccato rhythm on the tabletop. After a contemplative pause, she looked back up, her face deadpan.

“No. I got important delivery morrowgrain day after tomorrow. Is in increased demand. Your slot, will remain Saturday.”

The Ethereal stood up, flickering in anger, the purple glow behind the linen increasing in intensity.

“You will return my original slot to me, woman!”

Leafsong continued to eyeball him beadily, her lips pursed, her face remaining neutral.

“Is non-negotiable.”

“I’ll take my business to the goblins! Don’t think that you’re the only import company around these parts which carries contraband.”

She snorted, one hand idly resting on her swollen stomach as she looked him up and down. Her finger dug into the rounded nub that used to be her belly button and she sighed imperceptibly.

“Fine. Go with Kratz Boomfuse! I hope you not mind muchly when half your stock goes ‘missing’ en route. Or that they take double the time, diverting to Booty Bay. Or that they-”

The Ethereal hissed at her, throwing up indistinct hands in abject frustration.

“You’re insufferable.”


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    Aphel said,

    You did a wonderful description of the Ethereal in these two parts. Great job, honey!

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