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Leafsong’s Diary 30.12 – In which Leafsong is a hypocrite.

Winter’s Veil is over and the merciless culling of Winter’s Veil trees will soon begin! It is a tragedy. In just a few short days, families throughout Stormwind will be discarding the beautiful, bedecked trees which had formerly brightened up their dismal little lives! They will be tossing them aside, callously, for the disposal-men to collect. It is a tragedy which noone but myself seems to care about. Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about it? I’ve reached the third month of my pregnancy, and it’s probably not good that I stress myself out worrying about a few battered old fir trees. It just makes me sad to think of once-precious things being tossed away once their beauty has faded. I definitely am letting the sentiment of the season affect me. I promise I haven’t been at the sherry or the port!

The babies will be sorry to see the tree go. Mirae is a bit young for presents still; though she did look sweet sitting bemusedly in the midst of a pile of shiny gifts. Analith loved all of his things, apart from the mechanical goblin which Granmaw gave him. As soon as she wound it up and it began to lurch towards him (rather like a SCOURGE!), he let out a screech of utter terror and hurled himself behind my Shan’do’s legs. He loves the gnomish music box, though. I want one myself, actually. I think it is so magical, how you can capture a voice and keep it in a box, like a caged bird. When you turn the little copper handle, a woman’s voice sings an old Dwarven lullaby. Analith hurls himself around the floor like it was Elite Tauren Chieftain.

I’ve gotta learn how to use my new BB gun. I know that I did manage to shoot myself in the foot, but that was definitely a one-off. Every gunwoman has a few mishaps, clearly. Squirrels of Stormwind, beware!

PS: My husband has just pointed out how hypocritical it is that I care about the fates of the Winter’s Veil trees, but am perfectly happy persecuting the tiny animals of the city. Bah!!!

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Great pic!

Kierakasha of Moon Guard drew this amazing picture of Leafsong and wrote a poem about her! I was really chuffed (trans: pleased) because it was a surprise and I thought it was really sweet =)

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Feeding time

Leafsong scowled darkly at the curling parchment gripped between her disdainful fingers, her lips moving soundlessly as she slowly mouthed the words. Mirae was sleeping on her lap, curled up like a kitten, a quill tucked between her chubby, doubled-up arm. Her mother plucked up the quill and hurled it, dart-like, at the snarling figure of her husband; who was currently crouched on all fours, attempting to manoeuvre a spoon into the protesting mouth of their fifteen month old son.
“Shan’do, do you know anyfink about ‘Aessina?’”

Ashamal looked up, his features contorted into an expression of pure rage. “What? Who?”


He shook his teeth, baring his teeth at his infant son. Analith responded with an equally ferocious expression. Leafsong dropped the quill and pushed herself to her feet, leaving Mirae to rest on the blanket. Analith looked up at his approaching mother, his lower lip jutting out irritably. Ashamal grabbed his chubby cheeks between long fingers and turned the baby’s face back towards him. Leafsong smirked, lowering herself to the floor beside them with crossed legs. Her husband looked faintly relieved.

“Finally. Are you going to take over? You are his mother, after all. I have work to do.”

She looked indignant. “I seem to remember you having SOMETHING to do with his existence too, Shan’do. Anyway, I’m brainstorming my homework. Aessina, Aessina….”

Besides, she mused evilly as she watched Aphel’s repeated attempts to negotiate with his son, it was too hilarious to watch her eleven thousand year old husband, bent over on the floor, greying hair swept behind his ears, attempting to get an infant of barely two years to co-operate.

Her thoughts were interrupted by an angry screech, and a wet splattering across her face. Analith had ripped the spoon from his father’s hand, and hurled the contents over the both of them. He rolled over onto his back and began to clap his hands, giggling, while his parents gazed down, expressionlessly. After a moment, Leafsong snickered and licked up the oatmeal puree from her lips, rubbing her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Have fun with that, Shan’do, I’m gonna go do my homework with the girls!”

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Leafsong’s Diary 24.12 – In which Leafsong leaves all of her shopping till the last minutes.

People to buy Winter’s Veil presents For.

This is the second Winter’s Veil where I have enough (of my husband’s) money to buy actual good gifts for people, rather than just making them interesting shapes out of twigs.
Husband — What can I get him that he doesn’t already have? The thing is, when you get old; you either have everything you want, ir you don’t want it. Hrrrmmm. What? What?? It’s his fault for being un-buyable for.

Infants: Easy. I can buy them cheap stuff and they’ll love it. I painted a face on a wooden spoon and called it Mr. Spoony and Analith won’t be parted from it. I might tie a dishcloth in a knot and call it Mr. Knotty for Mirae.

Pa: Hates Winter’s Veil and sends back every gift he receives weighted down with extra rocks so the person has to pay the postage.

Brothers: Nothing. Didn’t even send me a card or nothing this year!

Druidic teachers: NOTHING!!!! Not after the grades they gave me this year. In fact, I want to TAKE gifts from them. I may have to go on a little housebreaking tonight.

Neighbour: Nothing. They’ve been stealing my tomatoes.

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Babies coloured!

This is the coloured version of my recent commission of Analith and Mirae, by Murgha! Done in Photoshop, thanks to Aphel for the tutorial! =)

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I’m flying home to the UK tomorrow for Christmas, but of course I’ll still update from there =) Later on today I’ll be posting the self-coloured version of my commissioned pic of Mirae and Analith!

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Leafsong’s Diary 19.12 – Winter’s Veil and Ferocious Infants

It’s Winter’s Veil! The holiday I look forward to most all year! Not just because I have a three-week break from druidic classes (although that is a pleasurable bonus). Do you know WHY I look forward eagerly to this celebration, throughout the other eleven months of the calendar year? I have two words for you:


Yes, my leatherbound pal, it is the season for colds, for coughs, for blocked noses and for temperatures! It is the season of sneezing and I couldn’t be happier. Because you know what that means for the GHE, Stormwind’s premier supplier of all-natural herbal remedies? It means PROFIT! With a capital P-R-O-F-F….whatever. Revenue has shot up by three hundred percent in the past week. Slightly helped by me contaminating the customers tissue box placed on the counter by sneezing all over it. My Shan’do says that that is practically chemical warfare, I just say that it’s business!

Slightly annoyingly, I have not been able to avoid picking up a nasty cold myself. Not only that, but I have single handedly infected my entire family with it. The babies know it too, they fixed me with the meanest look ever when I went to feed them breakfast this morning. Mirae was snorting and sniffing and hissing like some red-eyed, evil snake-boar hybrid. It was actually quite alarming. My Shan’do had been successful in eluding the contamination, until I sneezed accidentally-on-purpose into his face last night. I told him that he should be grateful for the opportunity to share in this family experience. We are going through two boxes of tissues a day. Every time my husband sneezes, he shoots me a death-glare. Ho ho ho!

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Fortune Telling

So last night in the Park, Leafsong performed a ‘traditional’ fortune prediction for Analith and Mirae (( Inspired by the current book I’m reading, about an Empress from 1800s China )). It consisted of placing the baby on a large tray, with several different objects; and reading into which one he grabbed first! Analith ended up grabbing the quill (scholarly) and Mirae the amulet (religious). Obviously, Aphel was extreme happy, Leafsong not so much (she wanted them to go into more lucrative professions!)

((Apologies for the lazy SS entry, I have three finals in four days ._. Aghhh))

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Goal —> Merrymaker!

Alright!!! Gonna do it this year and not get bored and quit!!

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Leafsong’s Diary 12.12 – End of Year Report!

It’s the end of another year of tutoring underneath the Circle and the Stormwind-Darnassus Education Accord, and I think I should evaluate my progress so far. I’m sure that I must have come a very long way since this time last year!

Druidic Lore: “F” (Boring class)
Roots, Thorns and Assorted Growths: “D” (Failed the written exam)
Herbalism: “D” (How! How?? Herbalism is my livelihood!!!)
Bear Basics: “F” (Morning class and morning sickness not a good combination)
Anthropology of the Alliance: “F” (Again, HOW? I spent many, many minutes composing a Gnomish dinner party menu for the final project!)

No! Doom! How can I be such a poor student? This is supposed to be my dream! I never thought that someone like me, from the worst part of Nighthaven, would get to study beneath the most skilled Kaldorei of our time. I’ve always wanted to be a Druidess, I used to have dreams where I would use my claws to catch fish in the river. Why am I doing so badly? It’s not fair. I know that I haven’t had a century of tutoring like many of my peers – but I live with my Shan’do! He’s obviously not doing a good enough job of teaching me. Clearly that is the explanation. I must have WORDS with him later.

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