Leafsong’s Diary 29.10 – In which Leafsong reflects on a tumultuous day.

Terrible day yesterday! Such a shame, it was a good day up until evening, when it dipped downwards, then slowly rose back up again until it PLUNGED into the DEPTHS right before midnight. Honestly, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think that this poor baby is doomed before it even has a chance to grow. I have to practice remaining calm in stressful situations. It’s only seven weeks in, there’s still a big possibility that it won’t stick at all.


Anyway, I woke up in a good mood yesterday morning, on account of having had a lovely night the night before. I dressed Analith up in a bee outfit and my Shan’do and I took him “tricotratting”, which is a human ritual performed on Hallow’s End. It involves very little effort for a lot of delicious reward (basically you get something for nothing, which as you know is my dream), and we got lots of delectable sweets. I decided that I would ration them out and have candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few says. I thought that was quite sensible and mature of me. Waste not, want not!


While I was doing my delivery rounds yesterday afternoon, I saw a Kaldorei woman advertising for her guild’s Hallow’s End masquerade ball. I thought- ooh, how jolly-! and enquired as to the price of the tickets. Two silver! A bargain. I bought a ticket for myself, and entreated my husband (who had just wandered up) to do the same.


But could he do something so simple as buy a ticket for a show that his wife wanted him to attend? Noooo! Noooo! Not SHAN’DO APHEL! Of course, he had to be rude and obnoxious to the ticket seller, with the result that I stormed off, and she refused to sell any to him. (I later learned that he had picked up a ticket from a vendor in another District).


When he arrived at the herb shop, I (justifiably, I think!) was furious with him. When I think of all the meetings and places that he has taken me to, with me obliging without a word! I threw two vials at him as he came through the door. Both of them missed (must get some target practice in soon: this is unacceptable!), but it unleashed some kind of stress-fuelled rage in him that was horrifying. He swept an arm along two of my shelves, sending the contents smashing to the floor, then fired off shots into more of my glassware. I was shocked almost beyond words. This violent rage lasted no more than a minute, before he calmed down and was almost instantly contrite. I forgave him probably a little quicker than I should have, honestly. I’m just so used to his temper tantrums by now, though this was a bad one. Should I stand up to him more?


Anyway, we went to the Hallow’s End masquerade after I had rested for a bit. It was hosted by the Knights of the Coin, in Menethil Keep. I didn’t realise that it was a costume party (who knows what “masquerade” means, anyway?!), so I quickly improvised an outfit out of my antler hat, and went as a Keeper. I stuck some flowers in my husband’s spaulders, and he went as a flowerbed. It was a nice party, if a little raucous (in the human fashion). There were two women singing very dirty songs and dancing. My husband looked incredibly bored throughout. We left shortly after.


Later that night, after we had arrived back in Stormwind, we sat down on the porch and watched the wisp-lanterns igniting. My husband was brooding about something- probably his Council – and I was threading strands of grass into a bracelet absent-mindedly. There was the sound of approaching hooves, which I didn’t pay any attention to. My toe began to itch, and I reached down to scratch it (fleas?); and at that moment there was the sound of a gun discharging rapidly, and three bullets embedded themselves in the wooden doorframe behind me, where my head had been a moment earlier. The next thing I next, my Shan’do had practically hurled me inside the shop and slammed the door behind me. I fled upstairs- had someone tried to shoot ME? Not my husband? ME!?!- and grabbed the children from the crib, diving beneath the bed. I don’t know how long I stayed there- I could hear my husband bellowing outside, along with some others. I watched a spider slowly constructing its web in the corner of the bed frame. My husband came back, and told me that the Ninth Regiment were posting guards outside the front door. I nodded, but I didn’t really hear what he was saying.


Can someone really be after me? The bullets retrieved from the doorframe had the Scarlet emblem imprinted on them. It must have something to do with my husband and his Council. He’s had two assassination attempts already. I understand that someone could be trying to persuade my husband to abandon his Council by threatening me. But killing me outright? Wouldn’t that just cause him to be even more determined? I’m probably overthinking things. Scarlets are all stupid anyway, every scrap of intelligence in their brains has been replaced by zealous blindness. I think I might invest in a bulletproof hat. And perhaps a stomach-guard.


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Aphel said,

    Poor Leafsong! That is why Aphel was prepared to turn to troll technology. (TROLL TECHNOLOGY) in order to protect Leafsong.


  2. 2

    Sharaan said,

    Awwwwww! Poor Leafie D:

  3. 3

    Tylandra said,

    Is someone really after Leafsong? 😮

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