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Leafsong’s Diary 24.10 – In which Leafsong wonders if her husband is up to something….again.

Last night I went to my husband’s Council meeting. It was boring and as usual, I couldn’t follow the conversations. I noticed that my Shan’do was talking a lot. For someone who wishes to “stand aside” once the representatives were elected, he appeared to be very much directing the course of events. Once it was over, I asked him if his goals were still the same. He looked confused- an expression which I have not often seen on him (it doesn’t suit him!)- and told me that he wasn’t certain anymore.

Honestly, it takes ALL my self-restraint not to scream at Bethedis every time I see him standing beside my husband. I want to leap at him and claw his eyes out with my fingernails!! I stopped biting them JUST so I could claw out that evil, overweight overgrown runt’s eyes out one day; and what does my Shan’do do? BEFRIEND him! Make him a member of his precious Council! Every time I heard “Marshall Bethedis” from the lips of my husband, I want to smack him in the face. HARD.

I haven’t told my father that I’m pregnant again. He’ll just yell at me for allowing my body to get in the way of industry, and recommend I take a nice dose of GHE “Baby-No-More”. I haven’t quite decided how I feel about this new baby, yet. My Shan’do and I have spoken about the baby I lost- or not spoken, exactly, but I cried for a long time and he held me. Didn’t even read a book on my head or take notes nor nothing. He was very kind. It was nice. I wish his kind self would come out more often.

In other news, Analith learnt two phonemes today! He is such a genius. Def. takes after his An’da.


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