Gnome Appreciation

Shan’do. How do you spell ‘statuesque’?”


‘Statuesque.’” Leafsong looked down at her hastily scrawled notes once more to check that she had pronounced it correctly. With partial confidence (which was as assured as she ever got when it came to deciphering her own handwriting), she repeated the word, directing it through the open doorway of the GHE shop. There was a thud and a muffled curse; after a moment her husband ducked out, squinting at the unexpected brightness of the afternoon sun. He stepped neatly over Analith, who was busy tearing up chubby fistfuls of grass, and crouched down over his kneeling wife.

S-T-A-T-U-E-S-Q-U-E.” He grimaced as she scrawled down a rough approximation of the word, resolving to make some subtle alterations before she handed the assignment in during the next morning’s class. Below him, she bit the end of her quill, then scowled. “I hate writing about gnomes.”

Sliding a hand beneath the tangled braid, he cupped her back of her neck idly as he read over her shoulder.

Gnomes, although- demonic–

Diminutive” she interjected sulkily.

— I stand corrected- diminutive, are statuesque in their own special and unique way. Why the hell are you writing compliments about gnomes?”

She chewed the end of her quill ferociously for a moment. “It’s Gnome Appreciation Day in class tomorrow. Part of widening our awareness about our Alliance neighbours.”

He snorted, rubbing slow circles on the back of her neck idly with his thumb as he thought for a moment. “I think I need to come in and have a word with your teachers. I don’t think they’re instilling the correct kind of ideals in our Kaldorei youth.”


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  1. 1

    Aphel said,

    Haha. I think Aphel will be having a word with them indeed. We can’t have diversity!

  2. 2

    Qirane said,

    Hahaha, they make such an adorable couple 😛

  3. 3

    Tylandra said,


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