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A Dialogue Left in Notes


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More retro raiding!

illidan dead nooo

The other day I went to Black Temple with Lajuros and pals. It was so cool! I was actually quite surprised at how easy it was, compared with Sunwell. We 14-manned it, and one-shot all of the bosses except for the Illidari Council, which went pretty smoothly once we got a mage. I got this cool dagger thing from the first boss, and two pieces of tier six! The dress and the shoulders. Too bad it’s too cool for a scrub like Leaf to wear ICly…hahahaha.

Diary entry coming tomorrow =D My car’s transmission decided to explode yesterday (slight exag.) and I had to crash at a friend’s, so no RPies for me =( Got some cool stuff planned for tonight though, so yay!

Footnote:  Nooooo, sexiest char in WoW dead by my hand D= (well technically not my hand, since am resto druid, but def. am enabler)

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Leafsong’s Diary 25.9 – In which Leafsong gets her priorities straight.


I never thought that being the mother of two small infants could be quite so exhausting. Just as soon as Analith begins to sleep through the night, Mirae decides that four in the morning is a perfectly acceptable time to give the whole house a rendition of her Greatest Hits; FEED ME, CHANGE ME, IT’S DARK I’M SCARED, WHERE’S MY SLAVE/MAMA and last but not least, WAAAAAH! This of course prompts Analith to awaken with a banshee-like howl, and then the two of them scream in unison until someone gets up to calm them. If my cousin and grandmother weren’t around to help, I would go absolutely insane. My Shan’do has shown remarkable patience with the whole screaming babies situation, actually. If he feels any regret that ornate, immaculately appointed bedchambers of the past have been replaced by a cramped room above a herb shop, filled with various packing crates and herb-filled sacks, he doesn’t show it. If I have an early druidic studies class in the morning, he will get up without complaint to tend to a wailing infant (or two).

Speaking of classes, I think my other Shan’do is disappointed with my progress in the druidic arts (or lack of). I have been a student for eighteen months now, and yet I still need to refer to my notebook to recall even the simplest of healing charms. Nature does not seem to channel itself through me, as it does my classmates. Even the fact that I am a female is no excuse, since the most proficient student in my class is a she. At the moment, the most impressive feat I can perform is getting a seed to sprout the tiniest root between my fingers; transforming my entire body into that of another animal entirely seems as impossible as counting stars in the sky. I think that my preoccupation with the herb shop and with my family has taken its toll.

Never mind, never mind. I’m goddess-blessed to have a successful business, and a wonderful family! I would rather be a good mother than a good student. I should just resign myself to the fact that my old dream is just that, a childhood dream.

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Leafsong’s Diary 23.7 – In which Leafsong vows to never drink again.


I am never drinking alcohol again. I think my Shan’do encouraged me to ingest that poisonous substance purely for the entertainment value. After the first glass of wine, I was feeling light-headed. After the second, the world was spinning before my eyes. By my third – I was so off my face, I was seeing pink elephants. PINK ELEPHANTS! The next morning, I woke up and vomited for about six hundred years. If I was pregnant, I positively certain that I was pregnant, the infant has been thoroughly pickled.

Sometime last night also, my Shan’do read something in the Kaldorei newsletter that is circulated in the Park district that displeased him intensely. Enough for him to insist that we packed our travelling things and charter the use of a mage’s portal service to return to Darnassus. I was at first most indignant and reluctant to go – Mirae is still dependent on her mother’s milk, and Analith has got to the stage where he barely tolerates being separated from a parent (plus I don’t trust Shyla and Granmaw to run the shop efficiently)- but, you know how hard it is to resist my husband when he is determined. I hate travelling by portal, I am always convinced that I am going to leave a limb or something behind me- and the smell of arcane lingers in your hair forever. When we arrived at the Temple, our attention was immediately drawn to a tall male Kaldorei, slender and horrendously pale- his skin was so white that it appeared almost translucent in places. His robes were antiquated, and he was leaning heavily on a gnarled wood staff; encircled with the iridescent blue of arcane energy. Unfortunately before we got a chance to speak to him, my Shan’do got into a hideously vocal exchange with an angry old Priestess. You know, just because he hadn’t had a good argument in a few hours, and was getting antsy.

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More art!

This is my coloured version of Murgha’s fabulous lineart!

progress on leaf and aphel book

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Leafsong’s Diary 21.9 – In which two confused Kaldorei attempt to define “Brewfest”.


Brewfest” has begun, and if you’re not certain what that is (as any Kaldorei new to the Eastern Kingdoms may be), I shall list two definitions; Brewfest according to Leafsong, and Brewfest according to Shan’do Aphel…in fact, why don’t I list a number of definitions linked with this holiday? I think that will be an interesting exercise.


Leafsong: *reading off the CLASS CANCELLED pamphlet stuck to her door that morning* The Brewfest festival is a unique opportunity for the Kaldorei to bond with our Eastern allies, sharing in their ritualistic celebration, and strengthening the general camaraderie of the Alliance.

Aphel: “Brewfest”- which I shall henceforth refer to as “Blasphemyfest”, is a mere excuse for our so-called ‘allies’ to debase themselves in various contemptuous manners and vile behaviour, engaging in drunken debauchery and petty contest; and what is worse, encouraging the brothers and sisters of the Kaldorei to participate!

Tapping The Keg

Leafsong: *still reading* A time-honoured ritual where the noble dwarven King Bronzebeard descends from his impressive perch at lofty Ironforge to engage with the common folk, showing honour and humility as he deigns to drink alcohol with his subjects and allies.

Aphel: A ridiculous pantomime where the repulsive midget dwarf-king descends from the rat warren that is Ironforge to participate in drunken orgies with common rabble.

Leafsong: I don’t think that’s entirely true.

Aphel: Shut up, wench.


Leafsong: A substance which is brewed in casks and vats, commonly ingested for pleasure and as a social enhancement.

Aphel: A POISON.

Brewfest and Children:

Leafsong: *still reading* Kaldorei parents, why not bring your young ones to witness this annual cultural festival celebrating joy that can be found in a simple activity? How inspiring it is to realise that gaiety and frolics can still be found despite the ever-encroaching shadow, and that friendships can be forged in the face of conflict.

Aphel: I am NOT letting you take the babies back to Brewfest tomorrow. Last night someone threw up on Analith’s head.

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This is my coloured version of Murgha’s fabulous lineart =) Thanks to Aphel for giving me a Photoshop nublet tutorial, I fail so hard at art Q_Q

my coloured version of leaf aphel trunk

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<Cenarion Delivery Girl> downed Kiljaeden last night! Yeaaah! All two of us!…with a little help from a raid led (excellently) by Aphel’s friend, Lajuros. It was pretty awesome, even if it did take us seven hours…hehehe. Hardly any of us had been in there before, so it was pretty much trial and error so far as the bosses went. We wiped once on each boss up till M’uru, wiped twice on him, then wiped four times on Kiljaeden; finally killing him the fifth try, with three people left standing! The last boss fight was great though because it was a real example of how a group of people can collectively go through a learning experience in order to achieve something. It was like so:

Attempt One:

Attempt Two:
Raid: YEAAHH! YEAHHH, THIS IS AWESOME! OMG KILJAEDEN!!!!! …..Omg, so we all got killed by adds. So I guess there’s adds!

Attempt Three:

Raid: Alright, serious time now. YEAHHH, KILJADEN! Okay, going well, going well…quick, get to the dragon, get to the dragon- oh shit, we all stacked up and spread fire to each other and roasted alive. So let’s not stack this time!

Attempt Four:
Raid: Woo! Yeah! He’s at 25%! Okay, he’s gonna cast his insta-kill ability, run to the dragon, bubble….bubble…bubble….(bubble goes down) OBLITERATE!!!! /wipe. So now we learn not to put the bubble down too early.

Attempt Five:


It was so awesome, except I think I went temporarily deaf with the people screeching like banshees in vent. It was great to be able to experience some end-game content (even an expac too late!), especially since neither Aphel or myself are in a raiding guild, so we don’t get to raid anything much! It was a super fun (if looong) instance, and completely gorgeous.

And, in addition, Aphel got the Legendary bow drop! How cool is that? PRETTY DAMN COOL. =P

Gotta run to class now but I’ll post screenies later =)

Edit: pics!

Killing Kiljaeden with three people left alive!


The endgame event with the Sunwell, where I thought my video card had exploded and gone to white-screen heaven (it even had Prophet Velen! =P)


Aphel and his new bow! Wow, that’s not a good angle for Leaf, she looks like a rodent.


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More awesome art!

Again, by the awesome Murgha! =D

leaf aphel book

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Leafsong’s Diary 16.9 – In which Leafsong wonders if her husband is a nutter.


Sometimes I am almost certain that there is a small part of my husband which is completely psychotic. When I first met him, over a year and a half ago, I knew that he often got into violent altercations- but it was with Scarlet March members, men and women who frequently persecuted the non-humans of Stormwind. Yesterday, though, my Shan’do tried to kill a Kaldorei man simply because he smelled some sort of ‘demonic taint’ emanating from his person. Today, he killed a human priest who I was conducting a business transaction with, for the simple reason that he did not like what the priest intended to purchase. There is some small madness in my husband, which I can’t understand, and it frightens me. I don’t know where to draw the line any longer. I think that my husband cannot see as far as I do, he does not have the mental ability to grasp how his actions of today may affect tomorrow, or the next day. His brain, I think, must have withered with age; or perhaps his mind was always stunted. I used to think he was the smartest man on Azeroth, but now I am afraid that he is actually one of the stupidest. How can he blindly raise his weapon to kill when his wife and infant children are standing not five feet away? How can he dismiss the intended victim’s swearing of revenge as mere bluster?

I hope my children haven’t inherited the psycho gene.

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