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Off to MOROCCO! back on 3rd July =D

Also, these are some of the search terms that have brought people to this blog…

facesofwow,  kaldorei sisters bare feet

WTF? Lol!

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A note from Aphel

The stars have, for some reason, cast down a curse upon us.

I do not know what I have done wrong, and why Leafsong ails, but I worry. I will go to the temple when we sail to Kalimdor, and pray; I know not of what I have done.

I feel so guilty for not being a better servant, oh, but how can it be me? Why not one of those unrighteous heretics? The cough has returned, and Leafsong has befallen a greater sickness this time. I will spend a lot of time managing her progress, and giving her medicine; and have decided it is fit I take her over on the boat when we ride to the Homeland.

A stroke of bad luck, perhaps something more. I intend to find out.

Elune give Leafsong strength.

Ashamal Shalah’aman.

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Leafsong’s Diary 18.6 – In which Leafsong laments her misfortune (once again).


I am most unhappy, diary. What a terrible day, yesterday was! I think that there were no redeeming factors about it whatsoever. My husband was grumpy, the children were fretful, we got into a number of scraps; and I’m almost certain that the sickness I believed I had overcome was not defeated, but had merely retreated, preparing a counter-attack!

First of all, my Shan’do was practicing target practice in the Park; shooting glass bottles from a wall. A particularly bumbling guard wanders up, and begins to make noises about arresting him! Regardless of the fact that noone else was in the area, and that there were actually giant red and white targets located nearby; which implied that responsible firing was permitted. The Guard ignores this, which is ridiculous, and I get bored of listening to barely understandable Common.

I ask my Shan’do if I can have a go of his gun, he permits me. I immeadiately drop it, unused to the weight. The guard is still hanging around, complaining. I pick the gun up, and start to spin around, holding it. I clearly have no idea what I’m doing, right? The guard says something, and I turn to face him; holding the gun. For about two seconds, then I drop it. Guns are boring!

The guard goes mental! Starts ranting on about how I am under arrest, and going to spend a night in the Stocks. I stare at him, in confusion. He unsheathes his swords, stepping towards me. I step backwards; my husband steps forward, placing himself inbetween me (the gun is now on the grass). The guard now begins to fire poison-tipped darts at Shan’do Aphel! Several other guards had gathered at this point, who clearly did not condone this behaviour as they stood around like silent lemons. My teacher and I walked off; the guard pursued us for some way (meanwhile ignoring the cry of MURDER! from the canals).

At least the incompetancy of the guard allows me to get on with my ‘activities’ easier. Hee hee hee!

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Isle of Conquest

Flying gnomes?




Sadly I think I might be away when Patch 3.2 hits….unless, it spends more than two weeks on the PTR, in which case- hurrah!

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OOC randomness!

So my family and I are off to Morocco for two weeks, leaving on Friday! So no updates for a while, barring the few I’ll do before I go of course =)  Much looking forward to Marrakech and Casablanca (here’s lookin’ at you kid- it had to be done!)

In regard to the post which is now deleted; I decided that this blog is no place for bitterness =P People who harass for no reason- and who spread malicious and baseless gossip to others – aren’t worth a response; and those who believe everything they are told without question, should be a little less gullible =)

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Rilber Sim

I couldn’t resist xD This is too funny! This is my friend’s character, Rilber the Gnome.


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Leafsong’s Diary 16.6 – In which Leafsong laments her misfortune.


No! No! No! Not again!!!!

How could this happen to me again?!!


Who can I blame for this?


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Leafsong in Sim form!!

So I’ve been playing the Sims a lot recently (not the Sims 3 sadly, my Craptop would go into its death throes if I even put in the install disk), and I decided to try and make a Leafsong Sim…

…soooo, a bunch of custom content later, this is the result! Hahaha! I don’t think it looks too bad, she looks slightly hotter than the retainer-wearing Leaf I have envisioned, but I’m loving the leaf-patterned skin tone =3 Oh and yeah, that’s my other sim’s super-classy hot pink racecar in the background >.> IT’S COOL OKAY

leafsong sim

I might try and make other people I know in Sim form =P Except I have a feeling they might come out hideous (hello long blue haired Aphel, ha!)

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Leafsong’s Diary 15.6 – In which Leafsong remembers how much she hates Stormwind.


I hate this city so much, I hate that I have to be here for my work and for my lessons. I don’t think I would ever leave the Park if I had the chance. I don’t think I even would have left Darnassus if I’d had the chance. I didn’t inherit the inquisitive curiousity that so many Kaldorei seem to possess naturally; I like to stay where I know I belong. Although there are so many of our people in Stormwind, and the Park District is mostly Night Elf dominated, it still seems like a foreign and alien city.

I don’t understand why some of my classmates like living here. They are young like me, but they think that my premature marriage and motherhood has made me too cautious and hesitant. But even before I met my husband, had the babies; I was always timid and wary of the unfamiliar.

Every time I see a towering Draenei with their tails and hooves, more beast than sentient being; or a runtish gnome caressing some hideous mechanical creation; or drunken humans carousing in the doorways of their taverns, I feel regret that I am not in Kalimdor. Although my line of work requires me to be able to freely approach a potential customer of any race, I still have to take a moment to compose myself.

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Leafsong’s Diary 16.6 – In which Leafsong is bored of being ill.


Finally my hand is steady enough to grip a quill, to write a scrawling sentence. Since last night I have been regaining my strength in leaps and bounds, I hope that I will be able to hold the babies tonight. I hope that they have missed me! I have been most sick for the past few days; it felt like I was dying, though Azerothian Whooping Cough isn’t fatal. My Shan’do has been so good to me, taking care of me, it must have been hard for him to take care of three helpless individuals! My head still throbs, it pounds like someone is beating me around the ears with a branch; I still feel nauseous, but I haven’t been sick for six hours now. It’s only been three days of sickness, but time drags so slowly when all you can do is lie in bed and count the spiders clinging to the ceiling.

Uaaghhh! The moment I am well enough to get out of bed, I want to get out of this room. I don’t understand how these humans are content to spend most of their day within the confines of four walls. Their Cathedral, though large, is little more than an elaborate stone mausoleum; they bury their dead in wooden boxes, trapped in chambers below! How ghastly is that? If I was a priestess there, I would not be able to concentrate on my faith; my thoughts would be preoccupied on the mouldy skeletons rotting away beneath my knees. Although I have only been to the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus a few times, I remember that it was beautifully airy and light. But perhaps the humans require the stench of their dead to strengthen their devotion to their beloved Light?

Why am I thinking about such philosophical thoughts when I am sick? This is ridiculous. The most complex thing I should be pondering at this delicate time is whether I should work up the strength to walk across the Park to the cheese shop myself; or if I should ride on my husband’s back like a little pony.

Hahahahaha. I think the answer is quite obvious. Where did I put my spurs?

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